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  1. Switch quest reward

    I wanted to post this comment from Taladril, one of the most respected Druids on the server. I still believe that Druids are uniquely locked out of being the best they can because of this policy and think it should be carefully reconsidered. Now that Naxx is out, the game has changed. For a druid to be effective there they really need to have the best tools available.
  2. Multi-shape Feral Leveling build

    This would be what I think is a great hybrid spec for healing and tanking.
  3. The Devilsaur monopoly.

    I guess that settles it then. As we've said all along this sort of cross faction collaboration should be disallowed, and now it is. Well done.
  4. unhappy with the zeth kur transfers

    If you aggro the boss, don't be surprised when you get one-shot.
  5. Switch quest reward

    Regardless of the rationale of the poster from 2006, I inferred from this sentence that GMs were authorized to make such a change for a very limited number of times for each account or character. I understand, but to be clear, this was not a mistake. The only path to end game content for virtually all druids is healing. Only now am I able to gather and become (some may say marginally) viable as an off-tank. Now that I have enough healing gear, I can start to alter my spec to include tanking talents, something I couldn't viably do before now. The mistake, I feel, is locking virtually all druids from what is a BiS tanking item. A mistake that GMs in retail recognized and handled during vanilla retail. Addtionally, with all due respect, talents and spells have not been at the 1.12 functionality since the release of the server. For example, changes/fixes to spell co-efficients have been made as well as the release of new ranks with the new content. Of course, I respect the right of the team to set any policy they deem appropriate. Thank you for your time.
  6. Switch quest reward

    I know the general policy is to not grant a request to switch quest rewards. But I read this comment from 2006... This applies to me as well, since Blizzard allowed it, would the team consider changing the policy to reflect this common issue with Druids? In my case I would like to switch to Mark of Tyranny now that I have more capability to tank instances, something I didn't even consider possible at the time I did this quest.
  7. What makes a feral bear a better bear?

    What effects do Priests and Shamans have on armor? I don't play either of those classes.
  8. DM Farming - Still Possible?

    That's what it's worth to the person paying at the moment they pay. Your mileage may vary.
  9. Is this allowed?

    A BG popped.
  10. Spellpower coefficient fix (RIP rank 3 HT)

    Then what was your point in posting meters?
  11. How Does Enslave Demon Work?

    doesn't always work. But good advice because sometimes it does.
  12. Which Drain Pact Build after Lvl40?

    So you're now fighting a mob starting with half their health. Perhaps you should consider that mission accomplished?
  13. Horde Camping Alliance towns

    That is just amazingly awesome given the posts you've been making over and over. You've never even experienced "blizzlike".
  14. I said no such thing. I said that any idea to change the server is a valid idea to be implemented or not depending on what the server team decides. Your argument of "not blizzlike" is arbitrarily applied by you to ideas you just don't like. One can assume because you don't have a better argument to make.
  15. You're ridiculous. You say I'm wrong and then counter with exactly what I said. "within reason" is a subjective opinion. Opinions vary, and as we all know, everyone has one.