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  1. they wont upgrade it anyway cuz whitekidney does not want "casual players" get rekt harder with better pvp gear
  2. ABCDe

    Development Update 24.05.2017

    are you retarded or something? Is it my problem that causes ton of the bugs? No need to defend like that, and I don't know how am I acting like an ass since I am just telling fact.
  3. ABCDe

    Development Update 24.05.2017

    Fix death causes disconnected bug please. It is sad that every time you fixed couple of bugs then caused some other retarded bugs. I know you are volunteers but it does not mean your server has to be shit like this.
  4. ABCDe

    PvP Scene Community Feedback

    Disable raid queues and only allowing 5man party is the point then the bg scene will be more competitive since there will be no dodges.
  5. ABCDe

    PvP Scene Community Feedback

    1. Upgrade PVP gear to encourage more rankers. 2. Disable raid premade, only allows at most 5 ppl queue bg together. Problem solved.
  6. ABCDe

    Warlord Down

    I think he does not really know that shaman can dispell viper sting. Why would I say that cuz my hunter killed him with 1k mana left when he was in full stats. He just kept healing himself when his hp was not that low and the viper sting kept draining his mana till empty. He did not dispell my viper stings at all so you know what happened. Viper sting actually costs quite a lot mana when compares to the mana pool of a normal hunter and other hunter spells. If he really knew to dispell viper sting then both the lvl40+ hunter standed no chance to kill him by spam viper stings. Don't forget shaman is a mail class.
  7. ABCDe

    Warlord Down

    The reason that Zeeti died to the two 40+ hunters is he never dispell the viper sting on him. That is true. LUL
  8. is this a premade? More like a 5 men party LUL
  9. I supposed to post this with "my account" lol. Forgot to edit that, my bad.
  10. Hi, My friend's account just got hacked and some of his quest rewards are sold by the hacker as well. Can you get them recovered? Quest rewards that he lost: 1.eye of the beast 2.Carrot on a Stick 3.Blood of the Martyr 4.Penelope's Rose Character name: alchemistlol Server: elysium PVP Thank you
  11. Mengwang actually got flamed very hard every game when they were versus a premade xD
  12. whats your thoughts on the pvp set upgrade announcement?
  13. any well-known people or premade gonna ranking on new pvp server? List horde or alliance if you know!