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    My instant poison expires too early

    Wow thanks, i overlooked that text my bad.
  2. soulhax

    My instant poison expires too early

    As the title says, my instant poison (on my main-hand weapon) expires before the 30 min duration mark.. it happens at random. Sometimes the poison lasts 20 min other times it only goes for 5 min. Is this a know bug and is there a fix for it? Thanks in advance.
  3. Still looking for Healers and DPS for our core raiding team!
  4. Still looking for healers and dps to fill our ranks!
  5. Hey Pontie, [A] <Adept> is still recruiting exceptional players, we are currently full on tanks but since you mentioned: You might wanna check us out https://forum.elysium-project.org/topic/30545-a-eu-progressive-raiding-recruitinng-now/ and maybe you will strengthen our team. Cheers, Soulhax http://adeptelysium.shivtr.com/