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  1. khalismur

    Horde Mage AoE Leveling

    Yeah, just don't AoE level as horde mage actually. Bad bad bad
  2. khalismur

    You are not prepared

    So let's make a bet. I tell you he will die within the first reset after Naxx is released. Maybe not in the first night, but in the first reset.
  3. khalismur

    Raiding without addons + bigwigs

    What actually hilarious is, is that you didn't understand his analogy.
  4. Oftentimes I agree with your posts, but this time you have little knowledge of what you speak. If you mean the whole server's faction ratio, then yes, it might be close to 52/48 to horde. But at any moment, in Un'goro, Winterspring, Felwood, Burning Steppes and Searing Gorge, you will see at least 2 horde to one alliance, so (66/33 ratio).
  5. khalismur

    Raiding without addons + bigwigs

    Lol what? Why do assume it has to be black or white? 'Jeopardized everything...'?? Lol For me raiding with ktm and bigwigs is for mentally impaired (lazy) people. No bigwigs provide a fun challenge and makes the fights actually interesting. Arcade-game style.. No addons at all is not fun anymore due to threat issues and very high chance of aggro pull if you dps freely. You really can't see this middle point of using just ktm?
  6. khalismur

    Increase Rare Mob Spawn Rate?

    I like how rares live up to their title. A better solution would be to fix Lupos damage earlier.
  7. khalismur

    Very long horde queue

    The recent escalation in ganking from horde 60s to ally 50+ has possibly discouraged or at least slowed down levelers who plan(ed) on pvping at 60. Myself and two levelling buddies who'd planned to BG are on track with our horde alts, as levelling ally past 50 is cancerous.
  8. As a 54 dwarf hunter, I confirm ganking in insane right now. Many leveling friends I met along the way simply don't log anymore or are levelling alts. Found some peace in isolated subzones of silithus and will try my patience to grind there to 60. Reporting back soon.. My ud warrior is already level 22 meanwhile... :-(
  9. khalismur

    Raiding without addons + bigwigs

    If you can't understand his analogy, your brain was 404. Raiding without boss abilities addons is fun. Without KTM though I think would compromise the whole raid too much.
  10. khalismur

    Ironfoe: How many runs did it take you?

    how bad was the nerf? Is it still any good?
  11. khalismur

    Complete list of Hunter pets and abilities.

    Some idiot deleted probably
  12. khalismur

    DM Farming - Still Possible?

    Dude, you are wrong. If someone wants to pay 3kg for the ring, that's what it's worth. It's a basic definition. You are the one who sound silly, Hurricane2 is right.
  13. khalismur

    Recurring D/C

    My 39 hunter disconnects everytime he dies also.
  14. khalismur

    World PVP in Bird Culture

    Agree completely. But most players unleash the classical: "It's a PVP server" or "go back to retail" when we say this... People don't realize that killing greys is not nice, arguably even immoral. Just because something is not against the ToS it doesn't mean that it is cool to do it. Problem is the internet masks moral rules and reveals, as you said, 'people with problems'.
  15. The hundreds of bags full of expensive materials won't ruin the economy on Elysium, at least not at first. What will for sure happen is that some ZK players will get MASSIVE amounts of gold from this transfer. Hell, some items are already being sucked away from ZK's AHs and onto the private Kodos... If these new Lords of Money are smart enough, yes, they can significantly shake Elysium economy after some time.