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  1. As the title states, I don't know what to do ps. pls not hate
  2. Hey dumb ass, who's talking shit now?
  3. Who's the smart guy now? He-he-he. I might be an insider?
  4. synotaxidae


    I want to find a Chinese girlfriend
  5. synotaxidae


  6. synotaxidae

    Please Help me

    Just make a new account. Easy!
  7. Probably the most skilled dude I've ever seen! Good JOB!
  8. synotaxidae

    A suggestion

    Me suggests all players on Elysium be more polite and respectful to vegans. Thank you and good nite
  9. synotaxidae

    This guy is a beast

    Why do you think so? Those skins actually exist in-game
  10. synotaxidae

    This guy is a beast

    You can't really get banned for that.
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  12. You're the biggest troll here, please stop.
  13. synotaxidae

    A suggestion

    Water is gay
  14. Blizzard employed 7 new developers ONLY to work on legacy, happy now?
  15. Not anytime soon, probably will take 1-2 years. Blizzard has a huge idea of renovating the whole game! What I think is, they will make something similar to Vanilla, better graphics etc. Maybe WoW 2 comes out? Who knows, it's a well hidden secret anyway. I will still say one thing more, World of Warcraft dominates BlizzCon 2017 schedule, wink wink ...
  16. Why is there no black skin for gnomes available? Not a racist just curious
  17. Blizzard is bringing back Vanilla anyway, just relax and wait. Calm down little boy
  18. synotaxidae

    Tko je ovdje lud?

    Ima li nas, il' nas nema?
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    This guy is a beast

    He posses the greatest power!
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    No confirmation email.

    It's been an issue for good 1 month already as far as I know