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  1. You truly are an idiot. The op asked how they will get funds and I listed the ways.
  2. It's simple, they sustain themselves by players giving them money, be it donations, character or gold purchases. Don't buy or donate and they have zero funds.
  3. ROFL tell people they are wrong when you don't even know. Typical.
  4. Unbreakable

    Q&A 10.10.2017

    i dont think you understand what i said. there is already a split between the PvP player base for two TBC realms. The person i quoted wants one of them to be a PvE server and I said that is not really possible with the size of the PvP player base. In order to have a PvE server there would need to be a third server. TBC isnt getting a VPN ban, only crestfall is banning VPN. There is more than just a monetary cost, there is also sys admin time and gm time that would need to be spent on the realm, and that requires volunteers.
  5. Unbreakable

    Q&A 10.10.2017

    more killerduki BS. The size of outland is not the same size as Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms. the entire realm would have to be instanced per zone and have a certain cap on population in each instance, where you could technically have more than one instance running per zone so players would not be able to see the other players in the other instance. There are not enough mobs and not enough farming nodes to support the kind of population in one zone that 10,000 players brings. It would go back to the 30 nodes of terrocone being camped and constantly respawning with dynamic respawns (like lotus once did), or mote farming on the few number of mobs that drop motes. Even gummy was capping his realm at 5k (if his core could stabilize that many)
  6. Unbreakable

    Q&A 10.10.2017

    the problem is outland cannot sustain the population that vanilla can. when you make one of the two servers PvE then you are trying to force all 10,000+ players into one realm for the sake of your 2k population. You are literally saying to make the game worse for over 10,000 players to make your game better for less than 2,000. The PvP realm scene requires two realms itself due to outland being outland and sustainable population. So if you want a PvE realm, then there would need to be a third realm. Right now with as much as the Elysium staff has on their hands in terms of quantity of work and cost, i doubt supporting a third realm for TBC is on their to-do list. Maybe they will, i dont know and i am not against a PvE realm by any means, but i believe that if they could go back in time they would have not made the PvE realm in the first place and TBC is the chance to change that.
  7. Unbreakable

    Q&A 10.10.2017

    so far the only complaints i see are from darrowshire, but their server is disappearing with no more PvE availability. I mean, i do understand that aspect of being bitter.
  8. Unbreakable

    Q&A 10.10.2017

    RIIIIPP before you go, can i ask why when everyone starting TBC at the same time is not fresh? I mean people can still level and be at the same spot as everyone else prior to release of TBC, which is only at level 60, which means everyone will be starting at the same spot. Then, think of all the horde pallies and alliance shamans that will need to level from 1.
  9. Unbreakable

    Q&A 10.10.2017

    ok, let me turn that around for you. If TBC world pvp is almost non existent, why do you need a PvE realm?
  10. Unbreakable

    Q&A 10.10.2017

    I do feel for the PvE Hero's of Darrowshire. As much as i don't like to see people get screwed over, i think the decision to stop the PvE server is in the best interest of the Elysium community as a whole. While right now there are three realms, when TBC happens there will be 4 realms, 2 vanilla (elysium and crestfall) and two TBC. keeping Darrowshire its own entity would means possibly 6 realms they have to pay for and maintain for a small subsection of the population that really isn't growing (but is actually fairly stable)
  11. Unbreakable

    Q&A 10.10.2017

    Hi Josipbroz, Thanks for the update! Its good to hear whats happening and being planned. I was wondering if you would be able to expand slightly on these two items: I think two realms is great considering the current population of elysium alone is too much for one tbc server. Would you be able to tell us if cross server BGs and arenas will be a part of this two realm set up? If not, do you anticipate one realm to be vastly overpopulated with people that like to PvP while the other server fizzles on the PvP front? could you give a little more insight into the accelerated timeline? is this something that will be updated on Elysiums website soon so we can all see the new timeline? Also, do you just plan on letting anathema sit and rot while we wait for elysium to catch up, or could there possibly be a fun event for us to do sometime down the road when we are naxx farmed out of our minds? Thank you!
  12. Unbreakable

    Character Transfers

    I'd be all for merging realms but that means the population of the tbc will be more than it can sustain. The world isn't as big as vanilla. There are fewer farming nodes and mobs for a population of Elysium + another 2k. Right now Elysium itself it too big for Outland. Honestly the servers just can't handle that many people on one realm and still maintain reasonable playability in terms of lag and crashes. i would like to see two realms at the same timeline but have bgs and arenas cross realm. This also means that if one realm starts to die the population can be evened out with transfers and let's not forget there will be many tbc people that do not currently play vanilla join these servers.
  13. Unbreakable

    <Untold Story> NA is recruiting!

    Is this guild still active or did they shit the bed in pve like they do in pvp?
  14. Unbreakable

    Is it weird to be really excited for TBC?

    Your ignorance is amazing
  15. Unbreakable

    Is it weird to be really excited for TBC?

    You get your knowledge from videos you watch because you weren't there. I get my knowledge from actually being there