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  1. You truly are an idiot. The op asked how they will get funds and I listed the ways.
  2. It's simple, they sustain themselves by players giving them money, be it donations, character or gold purchases. Don't buy or donate and they have zero funds.
  3. ROFL tell people they are wrong when you don't even know. Typical.
  4. Unbreakable

    Character Transfers

    I'd be all for merging realms but that means the population of the tbc will be more than it can sustain. The world isn't as big as vanilla. There are fewer farming nodes and mobs for a population of Elysium + another 2k. Right now Elysium itself it too big for Outland. Honestly the servers just can't handle that many people on one realm and still maintain reasonable playability in terms of lag and crashes. i would like to see two realms at the same timeline but have bgs and arenas cross realm. This also means that if one realm starts to die the population can be evened out with transfers and let's not forget there will be many tbc people that do not currently play vanilla join these servers.
  5. Unbreakable

    <Untold Story> NA is recruiting!

    Is this guild still active or did they shit the bed in pve like they do in pvp?
  6. Unbreakable

    Is it weird to be really excited for TBC?

    Your ignorance is amazing
  7. Unbreakable

    Is it weird to be really excited for TBC?

    You get your knowledge from videos you watch because you weren't there. I get my knowledge from actually being there
  8. Unbreakable

    Is it weird to be really excited for TBC?

    From someone who actually played all of vanilla and tbc on retail, Ikus is actually spot on. You, in fact, are wrong. Instead you make baseless speculative arguments. while naxx was a guild killer in vanilla, swp was much more difficult and tightly tuned
  9. How about just no TCG. There isn't a good way to implement it and all it will do is cause more debates and crying.
  10. Unbreakable

    Naxxramas - World Buffs Y/N ?

    so you are telling me that if your guild walked into naxx with world buffs on loatheb they would tell you and the rest of the raid to not bother flasking?
  11. Unbreakable

    Naxxramas - World Buffs Y/N ?

    I'm asking why because I want to understand. Maybe there is something about world buffs I should like but am not seeing. All you say is "because I do" which doesn't help with any understanding. Maybe there could be a good compromise, who knows unless the reason people like world buffs is known.
  12. Unbreakable

    Naxxramas - World Buffs Y/N ?

    but why? Thats is what i am trying to understand. Why do people like world buffs and being able to do content they normally wouldn't be able to do? That is why i called it "accepted mass abuse of game mechanics in order to trivialize content". 'Oh man, we got to this boss, time to port out and get world buffs to beat this boss. Oh crap, Ikus and friends wiped us, now we have to go get more buffs or call the raid for the night since we cannot beat this boss without world buffs.' they have not stated how long yet. I imagine they will start with two more weeks and see where everybody is at then. ...and sorry for the low blow. :) I correlate world buffs to something like the ignite issue where ignite went off the charts and killed bosses in AQ40 much faster than the raid should have been able to do so. Yes it was a bug, and people got banned for it. Yet, in this accepted version called world buffs, a whole raid can significantly increase their damage and survivability to levels that could not be achieved with normal gear and consumes (which content is tuned for) thus giving a very significant advantage to defeating the content. The players already have a huge advantage over retail with proper specs/gearing and consumes, world buffs just take it to another level of stupidly powerful. in my eyes, the same people that desire world buffs would just .kill the boss if they were able because the scripting, the strategies and the mechanics don't mean anything to them, just the loot.
  13. Unbreakable

    Naxxramas - World Buffs Y/N ?

    I'm not triggered, fake stars, it's that your decision on world buffs hinges on world pvp and not the pve aspect of what the buffs do.
  14. Unbreakable

    Naxxramas - World Buffs Y/N ?

    Will it really be back to normal? Or is normal the accepted mass abuse of game mechanics in order to trivialize content? nevermind, you don't actually care, you just want to grief raids with the buffs. Good reason to implement the world buffs...
  15. Unbreakable

    Naxxramas - World Buffs Y/N ?

    How many people in this thread support world buffs and how many are against them, the poll results match the ratio of posters in this thread. if you want world buffs, make an argument to support them, don't try to discredit anything to subversively sway things to what you want. It's a sleezeball tactic.