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    Difference in item stats

    Yeah I was not excepting there was any kind of issue. Just wanted to ask when (on what patch) these values are going to change.
  2. Hey I have noticed some items have different (lower) stats than on this new realm than for example in vanilla db. For example +spell power is significantly lower on pretty much all items on this realm. Does anyone know on what patch(es) improved those stats on certain items?
  3. Yeah I also remember it being very different on blizz classic servers. <??> players could indeed be killed as a caster and It happened quiet many times. Someone as close to your level as possible but still ?? would not resist even half of the spells. I remember it being roughly something like 20-40% I even remember occasionally landing fear to level 60's gankers while being under level 30 and it sometimes gave a chance to escape. NPC:s were of course different story.
  4. Does anyone know what are is the requirements on fresh realms to get engineering skill past 225+ and what is requirement for gnome/goblin engineering? I tried to read some guides and find information from the internet, but there was mixed information about the requirements. Does anyone know the requirements exactly?
  5. Zteelblade

    Warsong rep items?

    So I guess it is pointless to farm WSG reputation at the moment then? What about AB, are those item rewards available, or also coming later? EDIT: Nvm seems AB rewards are coming even later (1.7) So I guess there is no wearable items available before those two patches?
  6. Zteelblade

    Low lvl PvP Items

    Unless i remember wrong, the PvP reward vendor in case of Warsong does not show items until you have the needed rank. However I remember this was different with AB vendor, where you could see also items that you could not yet obtain.