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  1. Mahtan

    Darrowshire Merge NO

    This sums it all up. There is no need to merge Darrowshire into the other realms and there is no need to force anyone (especially old Nostalrius PvE players who chose it due to population issues) to stay on Darrowshire. It would be the solution that burdens the Elysium team most, but it would also make the biggest amount of people happy.
  2. Mahtan

    Darrowshire Merge NO

    Calling yourself former staff member is a bit of a stretch. Community ambassadors have not been involved that deep into the project and you did not do it longer than some weeks >.< Your egocentric "give my R14 warrior some lambs to slaughter"-motivation, your missing empathy regarding PvE-only players and everything I have experienced of you on Darrowshire make me think that you are a sociopath. 200 days /played on a server that is hardly online for two years (Nost+Elysium time) is alarming. Going on such a personal level is dirty, I know. And I should shut up because I don't have a track record for being a stable personality myself, too. But seriously, you have a problem Nelythia. You try to destroy the experience for a huge number of people, even though you could improve your own experience without hurting anyone actually: play on Elysium or Anathema and stop your witch hunt against Darrowshire.
  3. Mahtan

    Development Update 14.10.2017

    Great work! /cheer
  4. Mahtan

    Darrowshire Merge NO

    Many people on Darrowshire will leave Elysium Project when an upcoming merge with Anathema/Elysium is official. A merge will render hundreds, maybe even thousands of characters obsolete. I know people from <Red Sector A> (horde) who will leave the project immediately. I just emailed with one of them today. Its so depressing to see that this door has been opened by that Q&A and that this silly discussion has been started as a consequence. It would be so nice if Elysium actually confesses that their PvE community is valueable and something they are proud of. This fucking 1.12 PvE realm is the only good option in the internet for PvE-only players. People who still play here are thankful for everything you provide and now they are scared that their PvE status will not persist. It's like a self-fulfilling prophecy. Once you suggest that there might be an upcoming merge into a PvP realm if population shrinks too much (whatever that means), then the population will shrink because people are scared, demotivated and annoyed by that threat alone - so that a merge becomes unavoidable and any discussion becomes pointless.
  5. Human beings tend to project their hopes and wishes onto an upcoming product. The mechanism is commonly referred to as "hype". Maybe Crestfall will live up to its hype. Maybe it will turn out to be vaporware like CoreCraft. We will see...
  6. Mahtan

    Darrowshire Merge NO

    Ignore Crestfall, it is a different project. Merge Anathema and Elysium, once Naxx is released on both realms for some months. Let Darrowshire stay a PvE realm. Open up 3 TBC realms (2x PvP and 1x PvE), all with the same patch. Merge the 2 PvP realms, if you feel the need to do so. That's what I would prefer.
  7. Mahtan

    Darrowshire Merge NO

    I play on RP-PvE realm "Die Nachtwache" (German) at the moment. It has a population of less than 50 people online around 2:00am-6:00am, not including x-realm players. That is low, but by far not the lowest population realm. That has been the case during Classic and TBC, too. European realms don't share a bunch of time zones, so during the night they have always been ghost towns. This is one specific example that shows the madness behind "Darrowshire is dead". You will never see such low numbers on Darrowshire, because it's an international realm. The realm feels quite vibrant compared to mid and low population retail realms from today and the past, especially before the introduction of x-realm. Not every realm must be 8k players like Elysium. Before Nostalrius, I had played on The Rebirth for years, a very solid 1.12 realm from the past. It had 200-500 players online most of the time and was still very enjoyable, although super-dead if I look at it from your perspective. For silent readers: Nelythia is a R14 horde player on Darrowshire and frustrated with the server. Instead of doing anything constructive, he is just flaming in every thread for that topic and tries to destroy the server and its community with his toxic insults. Thank you Roxanne Flowers for dealing with his arguments.
  8. The best thing about world buffs is that moment when your super serious dps warrior guy dies at first trash in MC and all his buffs are lost XD
  9. Nelythia, just delete your character(s) on Darrowshire. Let it go. [insert Frozen song link]
  10. Mahtan

    Darrowshire Merge NO

    Elysium is quite laggy. I would prefer Anathema/Darrowshire as a new player for that reason alone >.<
  11. I deleted my druid (over 80 days /played) and installed retail again due to this change. Stuff like 3 man BG queue cap, banning of whole guilds or "maybe we will merge Darrowshire into the other realms" make me so happy because I don't need to regret anything. Lvl 110 demonology is a blast. I have 5-13 demons active at once. Its almost like playing Necromancer in Diablo 2 but in WoW. Well... Elysium is still open source. So from a moral standpoint they are still awesome and cool. I still don't like their recent decisions. :P
  12. lol Nelythia is just pissed that people don't share his opinion xD
  13. It is deleted! I just created a lvl 1 alliance char with that name to reduce chances that the char can be resurrected ^^ Oh Nelythia... Nicht dunkel, aber schön und entsetzlich wie der Morgen. Tückisch wie die See, stärker als die Grundfeste der Erde, Alle werden dich lieben und verzweifeln.
  14. The last thread about this topic has been removed yesterday. I bet that this thread will be removed, too. I am so happy that I don't play on Elysium servers anymore. Banning a whole guild (=innocent people) is pure madness and reading from Nelythia that it would be the right thing to do would annoy me even more. This way I don't have to make nazi comparisons, we all win! ^.^
  15. Mahtan


    Anecdotal... I outhealed my 8/8 T2 class leader more than once (Regrowth spam at Vael, I did not die at Nef during class calls due to higher life pool with hybrid gear etc) with just 5 points in restoration. Therefore my facepalm doesn't stop :D btw... I already gave up with this community. I play retail for some months now and I am very happy there. It's so liberating when people do not know encounters and have to learn it... Classic servers are attracted by all these elitist players who can finally proof themselves that they can achieve something in their life (just a theory). Therefore, glhf kkthxbb ^^