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  1. Beerwizzard

    ( H ) SANNAS ( shadow priest )

    Thats a butthurt! Make sure that you are camping players that ganked you and not lowbies xD Typical russian bullshit :) Whats ur cnar's name? Already wana camp you
  2. Beerwizzard

    Garbage horde

    no Good luck! Bump this thread with ur opinion about 48+ lvling and 5 ppl dungeons on alli side, dumb asian r13 mutants anainst you on BG etc. :) Anyway its good that you are increasing alli population
  3. Beerwizzard

    Battleground: An Unexpected Journey

    Where can i get another epic? As a mage dont feel those bites xD
  4. Dont think that alli pugs are somohow better. Usually they face horde r13 asian mutants on pugs :) Anyway im sure that pugs are playable and fine. You just got unlucky to get into prem primetime
  5. For some reason after leaving the battleground i usually get ported to Hillsbrad. Pretty sure that i'm not the only one who had such issue and i'm curious why is that happening.
  6. Duno about your real face but you definetely have some problems with your sese of homor if you think that posting this shit is funny :)
  7. Pre raid BiS gives you the real upgrade only at the moment when you fight the raid boss. For 5 ppl dungeons you simply will be overvcapped. Also no one knows if you will ever raid as a tank. You can respec, you guild could be full of tanks or you can simply stop playing before raiding. Anyway you won't get any real upgrade right at the moment you equip it. Now i start thinking that its impossible to prove smth to ppl like you :)
  8. Beerwizzard

    newcomer question

    Go get a warrior. They can be top dps in pve and obviously are top tanks. Duno about raiding (tank spots in most of the guilds should be already filled) but won't take mutch time to find a 5ppl group. Also they can be the main power in PvP. Under the blessing of freedom (use pots on the horde side) every shitty warrior is becoming a real death machine. I usually see a strong lack of good warriors on the horde side.
  9. Holy crap! This thread is still alive. Well done! :) The bad thing is that i still havent seen any arguments against needing on boes, if i ever will hen i'll change my mind and post an apologise. I think we should create a new thread where both sides will post their own or breaking someone else's statements. So new ppl won't have to read o mutch spam and we could keep this thread as a sign of your stupidity. Seeing what? :) Unfortunately the fact that there is no pvp guilds on horde side is not your achievement. If you ever seen me applying to any guild then give me some screenshots. I still communicate with ppl and ppl still willing to play with me. I have ingame friends and usually getting grp invites from different decent players. Also i have no problems with finding a dungeon grp when i need it. The only fact that you think that you somehow punished me is making me laugh :)
  10. Beerwizzard


    I'm curious about how many of current horde high ranked asians will suddenly "learn" english after getting r13-14 Anyone wants to make a bet?
  11. Beerwizzard

    IMPORTANT! We must unite!

    Have you seen ma applying to anny guild? No? Than stop talking bullshit :)
  12. Beerwizzard

    IMPORTANT! We must unite!

    im not crying :)
  13. Beerwizzard

    IMPORTANT! We must unite!

    won't help if you have 2+ hunters on bg spamming this shit =(
  14. On behalf of all caster classes i've created a petition - https://www.change.org/p/elysium-team-remove-viper-sting-ability-from-vanilla-wow Follow this link and VOTE! Your click can make our lifes better! Dont forget to share this link!