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  1. Hi guys this announcement leaves a bit perplexed, this project was born with 2 pvp servers and one pve, there is no reason to "merge" 2 different ways to play, if the DEV needs to merge 2 servers ok, it is not possible to "merge" PVP and PVE because it would be a failure to respect the players who chose the PVE. I call for a vote to explain to DEV how much the will of the players to stay in PVE
  2. morfisia

    Darrowshire Merge NO

    merge 2 pvp realms, because the problem is of Anathema with low population, Darrowshire is increasing
  3. hello i want know why on this server not show money looted if solo, need only stay in party, this isnt blizzlike, pls get on that
  4. hello dont know if are only this battle, me report a bug stable master in alliance side dont give quest for collect rams, are stable master for hunter now the other npc get hides, now how start riders? release a Snowfall need call pet and revive pet
  5. morfisia

    alterac valley afther all shutdown today

    hello about pet ok, and the other issue for alterac valley? how can start ramraiders/wolfraiders if cant collect beast?
  6. morfisia

    wow client

    someone know if costantly dc mean unstable client or some other stuff? changed cable from pc tu internet, cablage all in pc, provider dont found any problem, dont know where put my head:)
  7. morfisia

    Hunters problem on Tracking

    hello the hunters waiting more fix for ability Track Humanoid and Track Beast, all humanoid as red on minimap, all beast same can fix for example in bg and general zone friendly unit bleu, enemy red, neutral yellow?
  8. morfisia

    change password

    lets try understand if i do reset password on website they give me an email for reset password into that email a link get more in the same page to reset password how reset password?
  9. morfisia

    I cant call my pet back

    you feed you pet? u need feed you pet with appropriate food now is lost u need tame one more