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  1. jcochran

    Character transfer help!

    The only transfers from the Old Nostalrius server went to what is now Anathema. ALL the characters on Elysium were created on Elysium. So if you xfered an old Nost character and your friends are on Elysium, then what happened is you performed an transfer and your friends rolled new characters on Elysium.
  2. jcochran

    How to save Anathema

    That's a rather nasty response there. So you would consider it "fair" for a bunch of new people to have arrived on the old server and have to compete with the pre-existing players who already have top tier gear? To be completely honest, there really isn't anything except bad choices. The way I see it, here are the choices. 1. Stand up only the old Nost server - The older players are happy, the new blood is screwed over. Total population declines. 2. Stand up only a "fresh start" server - Everyone starts off on an even playing field. Older players loose all the progress they have on old Nost. 3. Stand up both the old Nost server and a Fresh Start server - No need to describe the situation since that's what we have. So, in your own words, describe how you think that option #1 above is better than option #3 above? Because I just don't see it.
  3. jcochran

    Barber Shops

    IMHO, the boundary between "Blizzlike" and "not Blizzlike" is kinda irrelevant for a barber shop. The real question is "Does the 1.12 client have the capability of supporting a barber shop?" And IMHO, the answer is "No". I think the easiest way to get a barber shop like capability would be to abuse the new character creation screen. Basically, create a new character, then overwrite the appearance of the old character using the new character's appearance. Then delete the new character..
  4. jcochran

    Cleansing the Eye/item deleted

    Generally for quest chains that involve an item the process is Q1: Have item T1: Turn in item, complete quest (player no longer has item) Q2: Accept quest, get item. T2: Turn in iten, complete quest (player no longer has item) Given what you've described, you deleted the required item between steps Q2 & T2. To fix the issue, simply drop the quest and reaquire the quest.
  5. I would definitely go to a good TBC server. Blizzard polished quite a few of the rough edges in Vanilla with TBC. They also made a few mistakes, but overall, the classes in Vanilla are more functional than in Vanilla. Paladins actually become viable end game tanks. Blizzard finally gave up on attempting to balance paladins against shamen, etc. There however are also some major issues with TBC. One issue is it killed the Vanilla end game raids. After all, why go through the headaches of a full blown raid when quest greens gives you gear of equal capability? Also funneling all the players into the same starting zone was a mistake as well (Blizzard learned that and that's why in WotLK there were two starting zones).
  6. jcochran

    Best way to level up a pet?

    Short answer? Kill things. I would recommend looking at your pet's XP before and after killing things of various levels. If your pet gets XP from you killing things around level 23, then you will have an easy grind, just simply go out and kill things around your pet's level. If it turns out your pet doesn't get XP, then see about killing mobs that are green to you. That will result in a harder time since your pet isn't gonna be able to really help you (level 23 pet vs level 50+ mob = dead pet). But all in all, you just have to simply go out there and kill things since mob XP is the only type of XP that your pet gets. I will admit to being curious as to what you have that's level 23. The only significant thing that I know about that level is that there are some cats with an attack speed of 1.2 (starving mountain lion comes to mind). But if you have a cat, then Broken Tooth (level 37) would be a better bet for you since its speed is 1.0. And if you don't want to farm that rare spawn, there are cats with the 1.2 speed that are level 39 (Jaguars in the Swamp of Sorrows).
  7. A fairly common bug with a lot of quests is the inability to turn it in even though you have all the required items. A work around for that issue is to abandon the quest and then reacquire it. That seems to reset the issue and allow you to turn in the quest.
  8. jcochran

    Unused Names for ALT's

    I have to agree with Oakenlix on this one. Your request is extremely open ended and quite frankly, you seem to lack imagination. First off, knowing the race and class of the character you wish to name is useful. For instance, I rolled a dwarf priest. What is there about dwarves that stands out? They tend to drink (or at least their /silly emotes strongly implies such). And the priest was going to be holy for healing? So a rather obvious name is "Whatalesyou" (What Ales You). Nice simple, and unique as well as a pun. For night elves (of whatever class), the thing that comes to mind is nature and moonlight. Leafrustle, Moondancer, etc. come to mind for me. All easy to come by. If you're looking for names like "Richard", "John", "Fred", "Nancy", etc., well there's bad news for you, you're too late. Don't even attempt to get those names. But if you wish to come up with "real" names that aren't in use, the various mythologies are quite useful. For instance, dwarves seem to have a scottish accent. So look up Scottish mythology for some names of various characters within the myths. Trust me, they all haven't been taken. The architecture of night elves tends to have an oriental feel to me. So Chinese and Japanese mythology comes to the rescue there. Or go within warcraft lore for names. You're not likely to actually get a name that's in the lore, but look for patterns. A name like Steelfist works well for a dwarf. Anvilhammer also works. So just simply make your character and figure out a name. If it's already in use, pick another one. Another example of a name would be to look up J.R.R. Tolkein Lord of the Rings series. There's an appendix with a summary of the various invented languages Tolkein made. And I'm sure you can build a name there. For instance, when I played D&D some years back, I created a character with the name "Durvalamarth" Quite easy to pronounce. And if you look up the appendix, you'll see that name consists of 3 parts... "Dur" meaning "Dark", then "Val" meaning "Power", and finally "Amarth" meaning "Doom" so the translation of that name is "Dark Power of Doom". A very nice name for a character in Warcraft. And you can build plenty of names that way (on a side note, I frequently used the name "Durval" in retail and was initially rather happy that the only "Durval" in the Armory was my character. Was rather annoyed when as time went by and due to Blizzard building a database of names for those without imagination to populate the name field when they select a random name, I soon found quite a few characters on various realms named "Durval". In any case, this post is more than long enough. Don't worry about "someone else has a name I want" and instead MAKE YOUR OWN.
  9. jcochran

    Need Help Picking a Class

    You seem to be totally ignoring my point. I agree that tanks are a minority of the classes needed for raiding. In fact, using your numbers of only 3 to 4 tanks for an entire 40 man raid (7.5% to 10%). The issue is that the number of people willing and able to actually play a tank comes no where near that figure. Think back to Cataclysm in retail when Blizzard introduced the LFD tool. What was the queue time for a tank? A Healer? A DPS? My recall of the situation was tanks and healers would typically wait less than 5 seconds to get into a dungeon. Whereas DPS would wait 30 minutes to an hour or more. Why the difference? The answer is that not nearly enough people are willing and able to play tanks and healers. And in Vanilla, the situation is even worse since Paladins aren't viable end game tanks in Vanilla whereas they were in later expansions. And to be honest, warriors are a rather difficult class to level. So your figure of only 3 to 4 tanks out of a group are needed is totally meaningless if there ISN'T 3 to 4 PEOPLE OUT OF 40 WILLING TO PLAY TANKS. The number of willing and capable tanks is far below that minimum threshold.
  10. jcochran

    Need Help Picking a Class

    Yes, you only need about 20% of the played population to be a tank (1 per 5 men). However, what you've failed to consider is that there isn't 20% of the population actually actively playing a tank. In an ideal world, 20% would play tanks, 20% healers, and 60% DPS. In reality, the numbers are closer to 5%, 6%, 89% (or even worse). So I'll hold to my statement that tanks are in high demand, healers to a slightly lessor extent, and that there's a severe over population of DPS.
  11. jcochran

    Need Help Picking a Class

    The answer to the question "What classes are most needed?" on ANY server to my knowledge is "Tanks". Tanks are always in high demand with Healers a close second. DPS is a dime a dozen.
  12. The issue is since the characters doing the spamming are relatively high level (at least level 10), they're generally compromised accounts that the gold spammers really don't care about since they've already stripped 'em clean. What I'm wondering is why the developers haven't yet managed to automatically ban players who post in public chat (world, trade, etc) with non-default colors. Only time I see those messages are either system messages or gold seller spam.
  13. jcochran

    Best way to leveling low level pet

    The only advantage "The Rake" has is an attack speed of 1.2 at low level. Used to be that you wouldn't find any cat as fast as that until level 23, and the Rake is only level 10. However, there is a bit of an implementation difference on Elysium and you can also tame the Savannah Cub (level 9) that also has the 1.2 speed. But once you hit level 23, lots of other cats also have the 1.2 speed and as mentioned above at level 37, you have access to Broken Tooth (speed 1.0). Since you're at level 40, I'd suggest the Swamp Jaguar (lvl 36-37) in the Swamp of Sorrows as the fastest cat near your level (at least until you get Broken Tooth). And for the person who mentioned a Wind Serpent. The Spawn of Hakkar (level 51 elite) in Sunken Temple is also quite fast. Melee attack speed of 1.225, ranged speed of 1.347. Although I suspect the ranged lightening attacks is more limited by focus regeneration than attack speed. The Hakkari Frostwing (lvl 49-50 Elite) also in the sunken temple is slightly slower with a melee speed of 1.25 and a ranged speed of 1.375. It also has a mana bar, so it's a caster pet and inferior in terms of heath, armor, etc than the Spawn of Hakkar which doesn't have a mana bar. To put those speeds into perspective, the usual melee and ranged attack speeds for wind serpents is 2.0.
  14. jcochran

    is mining worth it?

    Yes, you can keep toggling between tracking types. You could also spend your spare time repeatedly beating your head against the wall because you happen to enjoy the thumping noise. Neither activity is what I would call ideal.
  15. jcochran

    Screech simply just won't reach rank 2

    Next time look closely at the tool tip on the pet bar for the ability. If the pet doesn't know it, you can't learn it. And the entire point of the exercise is for that ability and rank to ALSO appear in your Beast Training folder.