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    Swiftyrogue used speedhack during the game. Please, get him out of the game!
  2. avl8

    Dimension Ripper: Everlook

    Thank you for the info. Your manners should be adjusted though.
  3. avl8

    Dimension Ripper: Everlook

    Yep, deleted wdb then tried to learn the schematic. Same results :( Bugged?
  4. avl8

    Dimension Ripper: Everlook

    300 gnomish engineering, trainer got no recipe for ultrasafe thing. And the probable trainer, http://db.vanillagaming.org/?npc=14743#wh-comments , seems to be bugged :( He always gets me a dialogue option ("I must build a beacon for this marvelous device!") as if Im ready to learn recipe but when I choose it my char got animation of learning recipe and nothing happens... What is wrong here?
  5. Great job, devs! I expect overall population will grow over time especially with the new servers up and running. I think with the Elysium team doing great job and fixing problems fast we' ll see many good things. Meanwhile, check the recent poll about fresh server Alliance-Horde ratio: http://www.strawpoll.me/12095998
  6. Check this out! http://www.strawpoll.me/12095998
  7. avl8

    A good community

    And thats a global server! That thing is inspiring! Thank you , guys!
  8. avl8

    Is Engineering viable profession for Druid?

    Thanks alot!! What do you mean by Squawk buff?
  9. I dont see a reason while a tauren hunter would ever do some quests past lvl 5 on a server start. There are so many good grinding spots around mulgore that hunters can grind for a lot of early resources. And by doing grind you effectively going ahead of the crowd. And being Taurens we can get a very good early edge by farming reputation with Thunderbluff. Honored, revered and exalted reputation gives us very good discounts on everything we need while leveling.
  10. What is your future race/class?
  11. I think the thing is not about your first 1-5 levels. You can get to lvl 5 by exploring during the server start. There are numerous youtube videos about that. The thing is more about where you should be leveling after lvl 5 and what exalted reputation you want at your lvl 35-40 first. Its like that cause you want a fast honored reputation with a favourite faction for discounts, espeially profession and mount discounts. Its a big deal for a fresh server economy and your personal gold savings. And then its really up to you where you are gonna be at lvl 40 and what mount/profession discounts you need. As a skinner/herbalist tauren druid Im gonna run and explore flying paths until lvl 5 and then Im gonna do Mulgore quests lvl 5+. They are plenty and they are in the different areas of Mulgore, which brings good diversity. Good luck on the fresh server!
  12. Guys, what do you think of Engineering for Druids? It provides ressurect cables, grenades, goggles, death rays, rocket boots, dragonlings and other cool stuff. Is it a viable profession for a PvE druid? For a Resto PvE? Is it a good profession for PvP druid? Is it worth taking over Leatherworking or Alchemy? Thanks in advance!
  13. With these recent itemization changes does Alchemy become a REQUIRED profession for all PvE raiders pre-ZG?