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  1. Templeton

    <DEMISE> holds Dire Maul

    Yeah they could've. I was expecting a bit more than 10 people when you asked us to come fight.
  2. Templeton

    <DEMISE> holds Dire Maul

    Fucking pathetic.
  3. Templeton

    <DEMISE> holds Dire Maul

    You're joking, right? Horde controls EVERY open world area (except un'goro where you monkeys belong) I can't even find any alliance to kill because they're all in hiding. Congratulations, you managed to control Dire Maul against china 5 man groups for an hour during prime raid time. You absolute fucking retard.
  4. You must've been dreaming, I never die.
  5. Templeton

    Wanabe Ungoro "Mafia"

    Busdriver doesnt like tauren ladies :(((((
  6. Templeton

    Hunter Macros & Tips [Redux]

    Loving those macros. Thank you, keep up the good work. =)
  7. Templeton

    Improved Mend Pet

    The 50% is working, however, if the pet is on full health, the talent does not work at all.
  8. Iron Edge hunters have the best pets