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  1. Blue PvP Gear update to motivate People

    I'm 35 and have not been able to enter a single bg yet. I que and stay on a few hours and nothing.
  2. Tips to farm gold for the first mount

    Play the auction house.
  3. Corps ganking get worse

    I wish I read this earlier. It would have been nice to have a high lvl around for protection when those big groups of alliance keep ganking me and doing all this to me.
  4. Are the servers down?

    I can't get in either. Got everything done I needed to do and was hoping to play. But almost 3am now so maybe that means bedtime if I can't login in the next few minutes.
  5. why ppl camp lower level players??

    Have to agree with this shit. Had 4 mounted ?? Alliance ganking my level 31 tonight for over 2 hours. The 2 minute res becomes quite a fucking pain in the ass when it constantly happens over and over.
  6. Development Update 11.04.2018

    You can get back in now
  7. Development Update 11.04.2018

    The server is down. It is happening right now. Could be an hour or longer til we get back in.
  8. Development Update 11.04.2018

    Well time to log out and clean it now.
  9. Buff the Elemental Fire Droprate (Elysium)

    Fire has more than one. I never see anybody where I farm them.
  10. Harrasment

    I have to agree with Toradh on this one. Let's see the full chat.
  11. I can not pass the quest

    Abandon it and take it again.
  12. guild master banned, transfer guild master over??

    Make a new guild and re-invite everyone. It's not like you're losing a fully opened tab guildbank or anything.
  13. Need Help All!!

    The problem seems to be that you are getting disconnected
  14. So where is the video of you against other twinks and not a bunch of shitty geared pve players?
  15. Cant connect

    you changed the realmlist to set realmlist