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  1. thecrazyscot

    question about UI

    pfquest is good to use to show where everything is you need to get or go to.
  2. thecrazyscot

    I can't log into my account

    Says it in your wow folder
  3. thecrazyscot

    WOD character models

    Thank you
  4. Are we allowed to use WOD character models here? http://www.modcraft.io/index.php?topic=10799
  5. thecrazyscot

    what happens with the warrior

    Maybe a warrior isn't for you.
  6. thecrazyscot

    Where lashers grass?

    42. The answer is 42.
  7. thecrazyscot

    no info on the server coming up yet?

    Service provider issues again.
  8. thecrazyscot

    Just "Connected"

    The server was down for a while. You guys did not fix it yourself.
  9. Blizz just started that a few years ago so I don't think it's in Vanilla.
  10. thecrazyscot

    Grinding rules?

    Playing both at the same time without a dual/multi boxxing setup. And I don't think that this is allowed anyway. From a quick search: https://forum.elysium-project.org/topic/22008-dualbox/?tab=comments#comment-237028
  11. thecrazyscot

    Wrong recovering

    They said the characters were going to be how they were before the database was stolen.
  12. thecrazyscot

    Disconnected from server

    Welcome to the game. If you play a horde, I will track you down and I WILL kill you.
  13. Are you one of those people that keeps inviting people to your group? I am just levelling another and right now questing in elwynn forest and I see none of this going on. I see people running around buffing others and helping them when there is 2 or mobs on them. The only problem I have is these idiots that keep inviting me to their groups without even saying anything to me or being near me.
  14. There's a lot of crashes going on it's not just you. Get your action bars and settings setup and log out so the settings are saved. And check Discord to make sure you're not trying to log in while the server is down.