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  1. thecrazyscot

    PVE server?

    Some people are just so shitty they can't compete at their own level so they need to kill everything weaker. If this was a pve server these shitties would have to pvp in battlegrounds but they wouldn't stand a chance so they just cry til they get a pvp server and can harass others.
  2. thecrazyscot

    Characters stuck

    Use the unstuck option in the shop or hearth
  3. thecrazyscot

    VanillaGuide Error? Help plz

    Just get more addons (spam filters and whatever ) and one to get rid of errors (something like Improved Error Frame) and you'll be good. And fix your screen res. I'd go fucking crazy looking at those "square" icons.
  4. thecrazyscot

    Temporarily suspended account

    Quit cheating and/or hacking would be a good start.
  5. thecrazyscot

    Character deleted?

    What's this have to do with your BFA toons being erased?
  6. thecrazyscot

    How much gold can we take to tbc

    there needs to be a way to stop people on vanilla giving all their gold to one character then copying it over then copying all that gold to another and copying that one over and doing it over and over and over. Even with multiple accounts. i'd say no gold gets copied over. Its the only way to make sure there is no cheating. Gold is easy enough to get.
  7. thecrazyscot

    I cant fly some places

    Not exactly sure what you're saying but do you need the Redridge flight path?
  8. thecrazyscot

    Oily Blackmouth School

    They are there. There are lots of schools all over the place.
  9. thecrazyscot

    Tame Beast bug

    It just doesn't always happen on the first try. Just run away til the beast stops following you, or feign if you're high enough, then try again. Or scare beast and bandage up and try again.
  10. thecrazyscot

    Gurubashi arena chest bugged

    Ban him
  11. thecrazyscot

    Can't sign into the forums with my main account

    Zancon, you're no fun. I would have liked to seen another post in a couple of days saying he can't get in to his game account now either. 😀
  12. thecrazyscot

    lost 650g after the server went down

    Sounds like you're one of the ones that thought you could be sneaky and send your bugged gold profits to an alt and not get caught. The server went down to get rid of that extra gold. Thats what all the messages were about saying if you got the gold and/or sent it to an alt and/or bought a bunch of crap and not tell them and make them search for it you could be suspended.
  13. thecrazyscot

    Double XP and player base

    It's been awhile since I played but Im pretty sure in my Garrison on one of the expansions I had a vendor that sold something to let me get double xp. Dont know if that would work here. And didnt the Anniversary stuff in later years have xp boosts? Edit: found it. Not 2x but Im sure it could be made to give whatever amount https://www.wowhead.com/item=120182/excess-potion-of-accelerated-learning
  14. thecrazyscot

    Double XP and player base

    We had this here and most people did not want it and it was removed.
  15. thecrazyscot

    Instant 60?

    You can buy a lvl 60. thats pretty instant.