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  1. thecrazyscot

    Account has been Deleted, Request to Restore Person

    You cant delete your account. Do you mean the character was deleted by mistake?
  2. thecrazyscot


    I'm not sure but I think running a few accounts at the same time also slows the server and since we don't pay for every account the server isn't rich enough to pay for such powerful stuff to run it. But I don't know for sure.
  3. thecrazyscot


    Unless you're using your first and second account for enchanting or buying things from the Booty Bay AH to send it your other faction character.
  4. thecrazyscot

    Incorrect name from Merger

    Sounds like a letter removed at the end
  5. thecrazyscot

    [A] WTS/WTT - Gnome Mage

    pvp ranked gear is useless til you fight your way back up. You're on a new server so old server rank means nothing now.
  6. thecrazyscot

    Where to farm gold as a priest

    Profs were always the easiest for me. Especially herbalism. Quite easy to farm a few hours then sell it all on the AH and get at least 100g a night. Mostly just check the AH for what sells high and farm that stuff. Ore and leather is easy to farm but doesnt sell for much but it all adds up. I have never tried DM for farming so I don't know about it. Just get your big ass bags and farm til they are full and sell it all (AH or vendor) then do it all over again.
  7. thecrazyscot

    XP x2 Token - Unlimited

    LMFAO That's the price of stupidity.
  8. thecrazyscot

    Recover username

    admin: admin usually works for a lot of stuff 🙂
  9. You just got your pet so his loyalty level is still at the "*&%$ YOU" stage and will leave when he wants. Feed him VERY often to keep him happy and make his damage 125%. Keep using him in fights to get his loyalty up to max and he will stay forever. Get yourself some good hunter addons for pets to show you his stats (and show if its a male or female) and when you should be feeding him. And read this too https://classic.wowhead.com/guides/classic-wow-hunter-pets There were several stages of Loyalty: Rebellious (Rank 1) During this stage, your pet's happiness fluctuated a great deal. If the pet or yourself were constantly dying, or if you dismissed the pet too often, he could begin to become very hard to handle and might have left you. Unruly (Rank 2) You had begun to show the pet who the Alpha is but you still hadn't totally convinced him. You needed to keep feeding and treating the pet well. Submissive (Rank 3) You won the pet over to some degree and it was ready to work harder at becoming your faithful companion. Feeding became a little less strenuous at this point, requiring less food to keep the pet happy. Dependable (Rank 4) That's it, you were the boss unless you messed up by letting the food bowl stay empty too long. The pet had fully accepted you as its master and things were good. Your pet required less food to remain happy. Faithful (Rank 5) It would have been extremely hard at this point to run the pet off except by a concerted plan of neglect and abuse. Best Friend (Rank 6) Ahhh, isn't he cute? Your pet was now a furry rug at your feet when you settle down in front of the fireplace with a glass of wine and a good book. At this loyalty level your pet required the least food to remain happy. At this stage of the pet keeping game, you would really have had to work hard to get rid of your pet. Only by letting its happiness rating fall to unacceptable levels and remain there for an extended amount of time could you undo all the trust and faith your pet now had in you.
  10. And if you don't know you're supposed to feed it you probably don't know that you're going to have tame a lot more pets to get higher lvl skills and more different skills. Pets were a pain in Vanilla. Everything is handed to Hunters now in wow.
  11. thecrazyscot

    Bought XP token for wrong character

    And that is one of the things wrong with this place. Either the GMs do it or they don't. NOT "Whatever they feel like". There is way too many cases here where GMs should have done something but don't feel like it.
  12. thecrazyscot

    lupos respawn timer

    Lupos is a lot longer than 8 hours. I camped him many times and never got him. Brokentooth is way easier to get. He spawns every few hours.
  13. thecrazyscot

    Blind hunter pet

    No, it is fine to use.
  14. thecrazyscot

    Officially leaving Elysium

    They won't ever ban you for that. They have the game so dumbed down now so that they can get little kids to sub as soon as they can use a computer. They're too greedy. Look at all the times they'll suspend you for hacking or whatever. They will never ban someone for playing private even if they have all the proof in the world.
  15. thecrazyscot

    An addon like WoW-AutoGratzer?

    You want an addon for Vanilla for something that isn't even in Vanilla?