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  1. Somebody is quite an angry little girl. Cheer up, Princess. Put those people on ignore and move on like I was told.
  2. Then go out and play the game instead of sitting in your city talking in chat all day. GMs are pretty much useless here for helping so don't expect that. Just close your chat and go play.
  3. Bounty Hunting

    Ignore the troll
  4. Scam or not. What's your thought.

    No, they don't give a shit and say they won't get involved.
  5. Missing Characters

    "Logged in" and "suspicions" You're welcome.
  6. My account is blocked

    remove that address
  7. Fairly New

    What area are you in right now? What times do you play? I need to know this stuff so i can help you experience what this server is all about. I'm going to gank the hell out of you and corpse camp you til you don't even bother to res anymore and just log out dead. And when you complain and I get to say its a pvp server - learn to play, I will know I've done my part to help a new guy out.
  8. Value of Pattern: Shadow Hood ?

    Less than 1g. It's not very rare.
  9. Account closed?

    If you can log into the forum with the same account then it is your forum account and NOT your game account. IMany things have changed since 2016. Is your realmlist correct? Don't just say it is, go and make sure. set realmlist
  10. Code mail

    That's gone. You can't use your old characters to play here. It may just be easier to make a new account. Everyone else had to start over at level one.
  11. Ehh... RP on Elysium?

    What did you end up making? I did a search for Harveystout in the "Find Character" and saw nothing. But with only one post in 9 months I doubt you come to the forums much anymore or even play.
  12. Code mail

    A lot of months? Like on the old server that you can't access your characters anymore or you haven't played for a few months on your new Nighthaven account you made to play here?
  13. Give us a pve server.

    Or quit being pussies and killing lowbies and join a battleground and see how good they are. Two problems solved that way - 1 no more ganking and 2 there would actually be some battlegrounds to get in to instead of queing for 8 hours and not even getting one.
  14. Password Change Not Working

    Do you not have an account for Nighthaven yet? An account for the game and not the forum? If you do, then the way to change your game password is to type in chat : .account password OLDPASS NEWPASS NEWPASS Make sure to have the "." at the beginning so you're not showing everyone your password. And "OLDPASS" is the password you used to get in the game and "NEWPASS" is what you want to change it to and type it twice. Your Lightbringer characters will not be here. Everybody here started fresh at level 1.
  15. This is what makes new 60's wanna quit

    I can't see any pictures