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  1. thecrazyscot

    Blind hunter pet

    No, it is fine to use.
  2. thecrazyscot

    Officially leaving Elysium

    They won't ever ban you for that. They have the game so dumbed down now so that they can get little kids to sub as soon as they can use a computer. They're too greedy. Look at all the times they'll suspend you for hacking or whatever. They will never ban someone for playing private even if they have all the proof in the world.
  3. thecrazyscot

    An addon like WoW-AutoGratzer?

    You want an addon for Vanilla for something that isn't even in Vanilla?
  4. thecrazyscot

    Have the rules for reporting ToU violations changed?

    We never saw this dialogue happening between you and the gm so none of this is relevant
  5. thecrazyscot

    Ledger from Tanaris

    DAMN. That poor resolution. 😥 No idea how people can play with such a fucked up screen.
  6. thecrazyscot


    WHY?!?! Go farm. Go play. Why do you stay in the Capital? You can que ANYWHERE and never have to stay in the Capital. GO PLAY.
  7. thecrazyscot


    The extract from the new terms of use ---------------- VII. Multiboxing Multiboxing refers to playing multiple characters simultaneously. This can either be achieved by using multiple machines to run the Game or by running multiple instances of the Game. The only exception is that you may have up to two characters from the same faction in-game simultaneously, while at least one character is in a capital city.
  8. thecrazyscot

    Transferred charachter from Nostalrius

    soon™ "It could happen really soon or perhaps far off, Definitely not forgotten, Maybe a long while away, But certainly immediately, Not right now though but later, Not too much later but maybe."
  9. thecrazyscot


    Or go to Discord and ask around there.
  10. It's a pvp server. If people want to pvp they gank low levels that they know they can win. Not too many of these gankers are really good at their own level so they just avoid battlegrounds.
  11. And he's just as hated to the Alliance. I have him on ignore on all my characters. He really is just a fucking asshole. Probably the main reason why he's always there. No Alliance want to play with him.
  12. thecrazyscot

    Infantilion - Ninja Looter

    He's already removed the gloves in the first link
  13. thecrazyscot

    Account hacked

    You see "I was hacked". Some others see "he decided to quit playing and sold his account to a gold farmer and now he wants to play again and/or resell his account again". That's why people very rarely, if at all, will get anything or everything back to how it was.
  14. thecrazyscot

    New player looking for casual guild

    Mature environment on a pvp server?! Not a chance here. There are plenty of ganking assholes to ruin your playing fun.
  15. thecrazyscot

    Metzen not working again for me

    Do you really play with that resolution?