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  1. *CLOSED - apparently the Chinese can speak better English when you offer them more gold!* Hello, I recently saw an item on AH that I have been looking to have crafted. The seller was from the Chinese guild "Ashes of Time" on the Horde side. I have spoken to Chinese players on ZK who understood a bit of English, but so far nobody from the guild here is able to reply to me when I whisper them saying that I will pay them gold for this crafting service. Is there anyone who would want to make 5g arranging this crafting service as my translator?
  2. Ariconius

    LF Engineer - Core Marksman Rifle

    Still looking! 50g to someone who can craft this. 5g if you find someone who can craft it and you let me know in-game. Character name: Mouat. Realm: Elysium.
  3. Are there any engineers Horde side that know this pattern / do we have a trusted crafter's list anywhere on the forums??
  4. Ariconius

    Mogh the Undying Respawn

    I can confirm this, you are 100% right. I killed mindslave 3x, finally I just left him and Mogh spawned.
  5. Ariconius

    Pets don't keep resistances?

    Title pretty much says it all, I have come across some pets with unique resistances that aren't mentioned in any vanilla pet guides. But even the ones that are, ie Rocs fire resist in Tanaris, don't retain the resistances after taming. Is this the way it was intended to be?
  6. Zarise the bat handler is now sitting in the middle of Tarren Mill after an alliance attack. Players are no longer able to take flights out of Tarren Mill as you get the message: "You are too far away from the taxi stand!"
  7. Ariconius

    Scorpid Poison

  8. Ariconius

    Taming Mazzranache

    I just helped a hunter outside Org with this. You can turn of autoshot by simply clicking the button or tapping the key bound to the ability, doing so won't interrupt your channel.
  9. Ariconius

    Scorpid Poison

    Currently I am testing out Death Flayer and his R1 Scorpid Poison ability. When his happiness is yellow (100% of normal dmg) the Scorpid Poison ability ticks as one would expect from the tooltip: "10 Nature damage over 10 seconds, stacks up to 5 times." This is divided into 5 ticks of 2 damage per tick. So at 100% the damage per tick works out to: 1 stack - 2 dmg 2 stack - 4 dmg 3 stack - 6 dmg 4 stack - 8 dmg 5 stack - 10 dmg But at 125% damage from feeding, things work out a little different. When multiplying the damage by 1.25 and spreading it over 5 ticks, for 1, 3, and 5 stacks of Scorpid Poison you will get a tick that works out to a decimal number. Since the game doesn't work like that, these decimals are rounded down to the nearest whole number. I have no issue with this, but it appears that the 125% dmg is not being calculated when 5 stacks are applied. Let me break things down. At 125% the damage per tick (mathematically/actual number in combat) works out to: 1 stack (2.5 / 2 dmg) 2 stack (5 / 5 dmg) 3 stack (7.5 / 7 dmg) 4 stack (10 / 10 dmg) ***5 stack (12.5 / 10 dmg)*** It should be 12 dmg per tick at 5 stacks. I am wondering if anyone knows if this is just a vanilla bug and that the subsequent ranks of the spell are calculated correctly or if my math is off.
  10. Ariconius

    ZK Botter - Ejaculation (A)

    I know, I know, submit a ticket, however that often goes a week and then receives no action upon GM response. I caught this mage, level 26 at the time, botting in Wetlands. Wasn't able to capture a GIF only got one screenshot. How his bot worked was he would target a mob and begin casting, if I tagged it before him with a R1 spell and he still had aggro, he would kill the mob. However, if I tagged it before him and kept aggro, he would backpedal until he walked into other mobs and end up dying.
  11. The one example I always give is starting at level 32 my feral druid has been able to enter RFK and stealth right up to the last boss in 2-3 minutes and solo it. Frost mage, is... well frost mage. Totally different way you would approach things. At 60 on old Nost my druid would team with either 2 rogues or a resto druid and we would farm key gems in LBRS by sneaking directly to the bosses. Not to much experience pally farming, but the stealth aspect of a druid is nice for skipping stuff you don't want.
  12. Ariconius

    So THIS is now Happening...

    wait what? so they just need a level to queue... oh great...
  13. Ariconius

    So THIS is now Happening...

    Yeah, it is terrible that the GMs can't do anything about it, I have been a victim of that as well. "Oh great, queue popped!" Oh... all my teammates are level 10...