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    Poor Abercrombie.....
  2. I see them all over dark shore. fished up quite a few bolts, leather, potions, and strangle kelp
  3. Darthaden


    A few tips to reduce ganking 1. don't quest in zones early in the zone level range, if it's a 30-40 zone wait til your mid 30's at the minimum 2. GROUP UP!! a party of 5 is much less tempting to ganked than a solo player If your low level and running solo expect to be ganked often your faction of choice won't matter as tge server pops are even enough that you'll run across the opposite faction often.
  4. Group up and give yourself a fighting chance. I joined a party of 5 on the beach in Asheville and we kicked the hordes tail who were trying to ganked us when we were solo. we all got our quests done and quite a bit of honor while we were at it.
  5. Darthaden

    Low level healing.

    I'm leveling resto myself and I'm loving it. playing on a pvp server I love going stealth and waiting for that damn horde to on to try to kill my fellow ally only to heal them from the shadows
  6. No don't reroll on the new server please.......I enjoyed doing the defias traitor escort quest and the collect the dead sea turtle quests with zero wait.
  7. Re roll or don't. if you don't I'll enjoy my pain free leveling experience when I get home from work while you wait in a multi hour que and have to camp escort quest npcs for a hour hoping to beat the other 20+ campers
  8. Anyone complaining about 2k ques and saying the new server didn't help must not have tried logging on until now. 2k less then half the shortest que I've seen in a week playing
  9. There's tons of things I'd like to see get fixed but I also understand I paid zero for this version of the game, the server is run by volunteers who don't get paid And it's still early in the release. now if I paid $$$$ for this or if they charged $15 I'd probably share your high standards and I'd be very critical of bugs.
  10. Darthaden

    Lf a good pvp raid window

    So I decided to roll a healer for battle grounds and the first thing I noticed is that I can only see health bars for my party and not the entire team making it hard to see who needs healing. do I need to download a add on or is there a setting in the options that will switch it to a raid window?
  11. Darthaden

    [POLL] Need vs Greed

    I only need gear I can use or recipes I can use for a profession and always link my profession in group chat to show that I can actually use it. sometimes if I'm a enchanter I'll ask if it's okay if I need on green items but I'll only do it if the group is okay with it.....on the fresh server though I don't even bother asking because everyone is poor and could use the silver from selling the item at this stage of the game.
  12. Darthaden

    Queue times are heaven today!

    Can't wait to hit level 30 and get ganked myself lol......I rolled a healer though so when I do hot the pvp zones pretty sure I'll have a pretty easy time finding others to quest with and give me a little better chance of survival
  13. Give it a week and the que will drop to a reasonable amount of time, it's already gotten much better than it was a few days ago. couple days ago I was seeing 14k+ yesterday I saw 7k and 1k......7k is still high but it's getting there
  14. Darthaden

    Take care everyone!

    People need to seriously calm down on here. we're talking about a volunteer group giving us free product, this isn't blizzard or any other AAA game compay, you didn't spend $40+ for this, and your not paying $15 a month. if you were paying for it I could see all the complaints but it's freaking free for crying out loud, give them time to get it right. frankly given the number of new players I'm amazed it's gone as well as it has. I've seen worse issues on games that I did pay for at launch such as Final Fantasy 14