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  1. Lopherus

    Regeneration after rezzing?

    (deleted as not true, apparently :))
  2. That's certainly not true. There is an item or two (WSG epic bracers, say) which for some classes is very strong, but the majority isn't. Besides - what is 'too strong' supposed to mean when you talk about, say, a silly level 18 item? I had them leveling up on mains or second characters in the past, and they certainly weren't.
  3. I realize that the server is on patch 1.3, in which no items were awarded. However, WSG was introduced in patch 1.5.0; and WSG 10-19, in patch 1.8.0. The item rewards were added in patch 1.6.0. I find it frustrating to grind rep (in 10-19, personally) in a bg that shouldn't even be in the game...to not then get item rewards probably "because they come in a later patch!" (but in one before the bg even should exists). I'm obviously not arguing to remove bgs, but to kindly consider adding reputation-based rewards that are consistent with the patch in which these bgs exist (aka, 1.8.0.).
  4. Under which section? It fits "environmental," which redirects you here. I tried that first. Also, you need a screenshot which I wouldn't know how to submit with a ticket. Sadly, I expect nothing to happen no matter where this is reported, so it probably won't matter either way. My experience with in-game tickets is a snarky reply after 2 days, and what is reported, being ignored. At least here you have a public trail - gms might ignore what I write here, but someone on the team obviously reads it.
  5. Recently, safespotting in bgs was added to the ToS as a bannable offense. <snip> did just this as flag carrier in a 10-19 wsg. You cannot target him where he stands (this is right next to the exit portal), not even with aoe. I don't know how you get in there; I didn't manage to follow him. We were 3 different classes trying to hit him (a hunter (neither pet nor regular shooting worked), and one other I forgot). Kindly take action. :)
  6. Lopherus

    How to submit a bug

    Yes. Same problem on my PC.
  7. Lopherus

    How to submit a bug

    I'm logged in per the top right of the page. Is there another location you need to log in?
  8. Lopherus

    How to submit a bug

    When I go to the bug tracker section, I see the attached picture, followed by select bugs (top rated and such). However, I have been unable to figure out how to submit a bug. I might just be (probably am) blind, but could you kindly point out where and how to submit a bug (and/or make submission a bit more intuitive)? Thanks!
  9. Lopherus

    So THIS is now Happening...

    The real issue is GMs being unwilling to address this - in my experience, stating it with a nasty attitude. Under these circumstances that I don't see will change, expect to see more of this in the future. For what it's worth, this was briefly happening when I was grinding to exalted in WSG 10-19 on K2. I posted a like note on their forums, and it never happened again.
  10. Someone ganked her for 2 obvious reasons: (a) as she's a cross-faction quest giver, you can annoy the most people (b) killed npcs should respawn in 10-20 mins. On Elysium, this is typically bugged, and they respawn only at next server restart She's part of a bunch of quests, and you see between 5 and 10 people (across factions) wait for her at most times. Could someone kindly respawn her? It's rather unpleasant to let a sad person do this to so many people. Thanks.
  11. Lopherus

    Can't log in

    Between 5 minutes and 12 hours in the past. Probably within 1 hour, but no one knows.
  12. Stuck on 'connected.' As the realm lists indicate 'medium population' for all realms, I assume all servers are down, or at least dealing with heavy issues.
  13. Got dc'ed, can't get past 'connecting.'