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  1. The problem is that healers can be peeled off. FCs more often than not need to be alone and cannot stay put in one place (as I've stated before). Also, as you state mage FCs need paladin support. While paladin FCs can do fine with any support.
  2. Rose_ You are comparing general usefulness of a paladin to other classes which is not the subject of this thread so I won't argue here. The thread is about flag carrying ability. Paladins cant buff you with defence skill. Appropriate enough answer? Logolasxx, Elrik If you had played any considerable amount of WSG you would have known that a FC usually cannot stay put in one place to be supported but he kites around. If the incoming attack is so weak that there's no need to kite, then its probably fine for any FC but less so for a mage. Maybe you should reconsider your existence as a "human" being and respec as something smarter than you - an ape? ;)
  3. We've heard that countless times. How is it a meme when its an 1. Instant cc. 2. Range. 3. Lasts 6 secs. The said ccs are in the first place aimed at priests/shamans who may cause the most damage to the paladin. Enemy usually doesn't have more than one of these and its even less likely they will be guarding FR/being wherever efc is. And if the enemy controls the flow so much that they can get their priests/shamans and all of their team on the efc, then noone is going to survive, especially a mage. Also, comparing a paladin and a shaman in terms of flag carrying ability is very wrong, since shamans don't have even a fraction of the self-sustain that paladins have.
  4. Haters are gonna follow, but these are opinions. Cold snap having 10 min cooldown isn't really something you will have handy.
  5. There are a lot of scenarios where I feel like retribution paladins have advantage as FC over mages. Ret and not holy/prot because rets get extra 6sec instant range cc that makes whole lot of difference. With prot offspec for improved blessing of freedom & 15 sec stun cd reduction. While a frost mage needs to stop in order to cast polymorph, ret paladin can use repentance/stun on the move. There have been times when carrying flag as a ret, I've cced a lock and a priest trying to cast fear and sprinted past them. That fear would have landed on a frost mage letting enemy catch up - lost flag. While mages' selfcure ability only includes iceblock (instantly removing harmful effects and repicking the flag), paladins have 2 bubbles for that function, plus dispel/heal. They also get blessing of freedom not to get slowed. True that mages can use frostnova/blink to get away from melee, but it will take just 2 warriors having Spider Belt or any other movement immunity cds to follow up the mage with hamstring, cutting him down fast 6k health or not. Ret paladins (meaning that they wear a shield and decent prot gear while carrying) having 65% physical damage reduction plus defence skill won't be cut down so easily. There have been countless times when mages couldnt bring the flag out of efr guarded by good rogue/hunters but as a ret I could. A good FC doesnt just count on its class abilities but also has lots of engineering items/trinkets to help with carrying. Frost mages are good FCs, but I think ret paladins are just as good if not better in many aspects. Would welcome more opinions.
  6. What happens if the character name is already taken on the destination realm?
  7. Everyone agrees druids are the best vanilla flag carriers. But when a druid isn't available, which one you think is a better FC and why?
  8. Gladius

    PvP Scene Community Feedback

    You're insulting so many people here that I think you deserve a ban. I won't continue discussion with you if I want to remain calm.
  9. Gladius

    PvP Scene Community Feedback

    Casual players don't play to get r7 set pieces, but because they enjoy the game. Ofc a premader will not want premades disabled but premades are the reason most casual PvPers don't queue at all. Noone enjoys being stomped almost nonstop by a few 24/7 rankers.
  10. Gladius

    PvP Scene Community Feedback

    Blizzard addressed Vanilla issues as they arose. MMO is a living organism, we may be facing such issues that were not present years ago. Or if they were present, we have a lot of experience as how to solve them. Elysium world is a living organism too and we should address its problems in a manner that may be completely not Blizzlike, but which makes it more enjoyable for everyone. We cant say "hey, we need to tread the exact same vanilla footsteps" because as mentioned, the players the world consists of are not machines, the game is a living world with live issues that sometimes require addressing in a not Blizzlike fashion. What is important, this does not make the game not Blizzlike but on the contrary, instead of getting some static zombie vanilla repeat, we get a live vanilla world and a dev team that is willing to feel the game pulse, its needs and solve them. This is what Blizzard would have done and thus its completely Blizzlike to make the small changes that the world needs.
  11. Gladius

    PvP Scene Community Feedback

    Reagan's post says a lot to what I agree.
  12. Gladius

    PvP Scene Community Feedback

    On Zeth'kur there often isn't more than 2 WSG active (sometimes there is none). There is one full horde premade and one full alliance premade (there are not enough dedicated pvp players to gather more full premades). These premades dodge each other, meaning that sometimes pugs only get to play against a 10man premade and lose every game on both sides. While the premades win all games in 7 minutes. Solving this problem can be accomplished by disabling raid queues and only allowing 5man (party) queues. This way pugs will have an chance to win sometimes thus an incentive to play and for premades it will be actual games, not 7 minute "enemy afking at gy cap 3 flags fast and go next game" grinds. 5man queues, not raidqueues!
  13. Other people on Discord seem to have the same problem.
  14. Gladius

    Stuck at Authentication

    Same problem. Zeth'kur
  15. Gladius

    Zeth'Kur down?

    Yeee. And it took whole 15 minutes for someone to write a post. Not a topic, but just a post. #ded