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    The account of guild storage is stolen.

    Does any GM can answer the question above? The victim is worry about whether he will be banned by this steal, cuz the hacker trade a huge mount of mats and golds.
  2. HotshtotGG

    The account of guild storage is stolen.

    Hi sir, I have 2 more question that need to get your answer. 1. Whether our MT account may be banned by this accident? 2. How or where can I contact "a senior staff member" that you said above.
  3. HotshtotGG

    The account of guild storage is stolen.

    How can i contact the a senior staff member?
  4. Dear Game Master, On the 7th of Jan, our main tank account was stolen, he is responsible to manage guild resources. Which brought huge losses for our guild, our guild is "Helloween" in Nostalrius PVE realm. All mats and flasks are ready for using when BWL patch is coming. The username of our MT is 1002688344, the char name is "Josta", and three chars for storage in this account have been stolen as well. The name of these 3 storage char are "asdsa", "fuwenbu" and "maoyou". (these 3 chars have been deleted by hacker now) The list of stolen property: 1. 4000 golds 2. about 100 stacks of flack (include Titan and Supreme Power) 3. about 40 stacks of shadow protection potion 4. about 100 stacks of elixir of the mongoose 5. about 200 Arcanite Bars 6. 2 stacks of Mooncloth. That's what have been stolen that we can memories. Could you help me to recover stolen property or reduce the loss for our guild? Our guild need your help. Best Regards, One member of Helloween