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  1. I haven't played AV on Elysium yet but as far as Nost and retail went, all you need is about 5 Alliance to defend the side of the mountain where the Horde try to backdoor. Couple mages, hunters, a healer etc. But then again I am usually that guy who ends up doing that, while asking others to help me. I'd like to think its why I overwhelmingly win AV as Alliance.
  2. Aeglo

    Chat banned?

    In my... unfortunate experience, it happens either 2 ways. First if you spam chat too quickly. Secondly if you spam any message in tells or public channels that are identical or close to identical. So saying the same exact message to 4 tanks you looked up in a row to invite to a party will flag you as a possible gold spammer. Not sure how long it lasts. 1h maybe. EDIT: Ah Jakira beat me to it.
  3. Aeglo


    Sorry to invalidate your wall of text but... there isn't a problem that needs to be fixed. Things are moving along as usual, and on schedule.
  4. Aeglo

    BG wintrade Anathema

    As someone who has experience with high tier rank farming teams. Sometimes people are so well set up that they completely wreck everything. After running into the same team over and over again people tend to give up and let them cap everything for a fast loss. It ends up being more honor efficient for the loser that way. Not that I am in any way defending the OP. Can't say I know all the facts. Just that this was always a thing even in vanilla.
  5. I'm not sure which is more depressing? The lack of communication from the devs. Or the guy with 2 IQ who thinks he can troll me.
  6. Was the honor calc last night too? How about some English comprehension dumbass?
  7. Except no. There was no notice for the downtime. Also the servers don't all go down at the same time. Starts with Darrowshire and one other. Then Elysium goes down with another. The same thing happened last night. What we need is some communication.
  8. https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/usa/chicago As you can see. It is currently 3:19am. You're very welcome!
  9. Servers going down without warning, for an hour. No communication as to what is going on. Anyone home?
  10. When you have level 60 horde running around Redridge every hour of the day killing lowbies, I have to wonder just how dumb you'd be to log onto an Alliance character to cry about me returning the favor... In Redridge. What? A level 60 paladin killing my level 21 ass alongside a 60 warrior and a 22 Druid? I mean seriously. The level of autism from these people who find it fun to spend so much time griefing is beyond my understanding. Also. Why is it every level 60 that comes here to gank low levels is the most garbage out of all the garbage people who play this game? Completely undergeared and have no idea how to play their class? I guess that was pretty rhetorical.
  11. Was your friend named askdjfasiea?
  12. Aeglo

    Stuck at "connected"

    Or they just realize that a free server is something where your entitlement means nothing. This only really started over you being butthurt but it was a cool deflection bro..
  13. Holy. Shit. You are all dumb. Why is it that even now, after all these years, people continue to give any attention to the standard whine babies that plague the internet? These fucking twitch memelord degenerates? You have 20 people tops making a fuss on these forums about the crap a twitch streamer moans about. How many people is that compared to the active playerbase? It isn't even a drop in the lake. This entire thread is pointless and any action taken regarding this stupid drama is pointless. Here is the reality. Most people don't check these forums. Most people DO NOT CARE. Stop reacting to these idiots. It is so easy for a few people to make a lot of noise but only if you acknowledge them do you make them relevant.
  14. Aeglo

    Stuck at "connected"

    I'm having the same problem now. However I'm on the Elysium server. Anathema and Darrowshire work now. Elysium and Zeth'kur do not.