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  1. Hi everyone, it's been a long and cool journey for the PuG, for Anyy, Placeholder and maybe the most exciting for me :) i have never organized a PuG before and i actually really enjoyed all of it. Talking to you guys, getting the PuG organized, even finding new heals and caster dps for every darn week :P It's over now though, sadly. Our Guild Endzeit disbanded, a few weeks later our new guild Lost had to resign too, it seems... Some of us will move on to another WoW project, I will stay on Anathema but probably not raid anymore. I wish all of you the best of luck, good loots and lots of fun in the private server community, as it rises steadily! Keep up the (mostly) good attitude and the good work towards getting to Kel'Thuzad! Maybe if the server population goes back up, I and many more will come back for raiding and it's gonna be a cool server again! :> Special thanks goes out to Nadlek, Tr1n1ty, Anyy, Reference, Bojectiv and many more who would help out on organizing the pug and keeping it alive for so long! Let's hope the server authority will merge the servers eventually and get a more alive server back on track! It would be great!
  2. next raid on 06.07.2017 at 7pm servertime! Cya there!
  3. as usual :) 7pm, thursday! /w us ingame to reserve a spot
  4. In need of 2x rShaman and 2x hPriest for tonights MC/Ony PUG at 7pm servertime! /w me ingame on Salz
  5. As usual gonna pug MC/Ony on Thursday, 15th of June, raid invite @ 7pm servertime! As usual in special needs of reliable healers ;) cYa
  6. Alright, once again the weekly announcment: next Pug, tomorrow Thursday, 08.06.2017, at 7pm servertime! Still in need of capable healers and CasterDPS (as usual)! Let us know fast via here, ingame mail or whispers! Cya!
  7. Hey there, next PuG Thursday, 01.06.2017, at 7pm servertime! Sign up fast cause we don't have that many spots open anymore! Cheers
  8. hi Itonlyzmellz, i wasn't there this week due to work, hope you could still get in :) in case you didn't, just let me know ingame and i'll sign you up for next week's pug! Take care
  9. hey guys, our weekly pug this thursday again at 7pm servertime! Hopefully Ony won't get rekked due to server crashes this week ;) cya there!
  10. Next Raid tonight at 7pm servertime! Sign up via discord, ingame mail or whisper or on this topic here! See you guys tonight :)
  11. hi Askold, will do another pug today at 4pm servertime! In case you got time, just whisper Pfeffer ingame. Cya
  12. Hey Esiliath, thx for signing up. Could only take a look at you on realmplayers, but it's not updated and there you lack some gear. I will sign you up for now, but plz make sure to come for inspect tomorrow night before raid starts, so we can figure out! :) Cya
  13. Salz

    Anathema War Effort Complete!

    well, 76.000 bugs is quite a lot, for sure. But it is what it is :) in case ppl will grind 18-20 hours a day (and i bet ppl will do) 8 hours is definitely a difference ;)
  14. alright, i will :) let me know before 7pm wether to sign you up or not. Cya!