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  1. Zak Preston

    Best PvP-melee class right now

    No, it's not: the left chart is for DPS. №1 DPS druid is lower than №100 rogue on Elysium. Wolfshead helm is terrible for PvP: you lose stats or you lose a precious slot for Goblin Rocket Helm\Gnomish MC cap. But the worst part is that unlike PvE, you can't afford yourself powershifting like you would for PvE rotation just because you lose too much mana you could use for heals, roots and reshifts. There is nothing more pathetic and helpless than an oom feral. Once again, root is not a disable (like stun, sap, sleep, fear), it's a snare, and snared players can use engineering, projectiles, racials and so on. To interrupt with feral charge you need to shift into bear form and be on a certain distance, so it's not an on-demand interrupt and you may be not fast enough to jump into bearform and increase the distance in order to be able to "interrupt". If you claim to be an experienced feral PvP-er, then it's weird that you are asking these questions. You seem to be asking the same questions over an over again, so I won't be surprised your druid is not pre-bis or even 60.
  2. Zak Preston

    Best PvP-melee class right now

    open raid stats and check top rogues' and druids' rankings in MC and BWL: the average performance of top-50 rogue is 2.5x better than the top-50 druid. Of course you can't compare PvP and PvE, but I'd say that in PvP the gap is even wirse. Problem is that ferals use powershifting mechanics with wolfhide helm (I hope there is no need to expalain what it is) and all the top-ferals DPS are on alliance side. Have you wondered why? -- Because with full raid buff (and Blessing of Wisdom) your mana regen is quite decent and even with 3.5k mana pool you can reshift at least 15 times. But in PvP environment you don't have wolfhide helm and full raidbuff, and you need mana for constant reshifts to kite enemy (break roots\slows). So no powershifting or you are very much oom and dead. But another problem is not only low damage, but lack of CC: you don't have a reliable on-demand interrupt, you don't have gouge, sap, combat reset (vanish), which means your only viable tactics is hit-n-run, and even in hitting ferals are bad.
  3. Zak Preston

    Best PvP-melee class right now

    I have r13 feral druid and a semi-decent geared rogue. Rogue is way better in everything but carrying flags.
  4. Zak Preston

    Best PvP-melee class right now

    Feral druid in catspec has 50% armor reduction (bearform) at best on elysium and you can't use barkskin in forms. But I suppose you haven't played druids on vanilla either.
  5. Zak Preston

    Best PvP-melee class right now

    don't act like kid: rogue's cc chains are extremely diverse and it doesn't mean that rogues land 3 backstabs in a row in 1 stun duration.
  6. Zak Preston

    Best PvP-melee class right now

    I am comparing feral druids with with most popular melee classes in PvP: warriors and rogues. And you have to compare classes in PvP if you are defining "Best PvP-melee class right now". Now you are trying to explain how to beat a rogue to an r13 druid. Sure you can, but rogue should be seriously undergeared or relatively bad. Even with FF on rogue can vanish to break roots, blind, use evasion and sprint to kite you and when he is out of CDs he just pops prep and repeats the whole cc chain again. Once again, if you are in bear form, you don't deal damage, if you are in cat form, you can be killed in ~3 backstab crits while being stunned or blinded.
  7. Zak Preston

    Best PvP-melee class right now

    Nice, you've mixed CC and defensive cooldowns for druids =) What feral's flexibility are you talking about right now? Run or just... run? Feral's Bash (bear stun) has 1 min CD and you need to go to bear form to perform it (spend additional GCD), all the roots require you to be in caster form to apply them. And can you actually compare roots + 2 stuns to rogue's stunlock combo? I hope you do realize that the enemy can hit you back while being rooted. 2 conditional stuns are not even remotely enough for CC-chain. Ferals were very strong at the server start when none had good gear and they could use to full extend the +9 weapon dmg enchant (which is roughly equal to 54 strength) and +8 weapon dmg weightstone (another 48 strength) that in total were equal to additional 244 AP. but even than an equally geared dagger rogue could deal roughly the same damage Now most melee classes have shiny awesome tier sets, while ferals are stuck with pre-raid rares and occasional BWL drops (plus BG rep rewards).
  8. Zak Preston

    Best PvP-melee class right now

    Itemization: unlike rogues and warriors, druid's tier sets are exclusively for healers. There are a couple of quite good pieces from BWL, but in general we are still stuck with devilsaur set and 5-mans rares up until AQ. In terms of PvP: ferals deal less damage compared to rogues and have significantly less CC. The problem is that vanilla PvP is too bursty, which means that you can be destroyed in a couple of lucky crits. If you say that ferals are on par with rogues in terms of CC, then i have bad news for you: you haven't played rogues or ferals. Because otherwise you could add grenades' stun, rochet helmet, net-matic trinket and even gnomish MC cap. But in general the problem is in lack of offensive and defensive CDs + terrible CC.
  9. Zak Preston

    Best PvP-melee class right now

    Complete and utter trash for PvP: damage is significantly lower than the rogues or warriors can output, huge troubles with itemization, literally no reliable CC (no slows, conditional interrupt) and no reliable defensive CDs. If you are caught in human form -- you are dead, if you are caught in cat form -- you are dead. Shamans, priests and pallies just outheal your damage and laugh in your face... Maybe something changes with AQ release...
  10. There is only 1 active EU-based premade and 2 Chinese premades on alliance side ATM. Back in my days there were like 7 no-life grinding premades and like 3-4 semi-pugs. Why? Because none wants to PvP without having decent rewards.
  11. same people don't want PvP gear to be updated because "REEEEE! Not blizzlike!!!!1111" and same people vote for premades nerf because "REEEEE!!! Not fun!, idc if it's not b-like!"
  12. do you realize that weapons are already updated?
  13. do you have any pvp sets? or you are just making theories? The lvl 58 and lvl 60 rare sets are completely 2 different entities and they shouldn't be "updated". The problem is that your lifetime rank doesn't allow you to buy the gear if you have decayed. But u said enough already to show how incompetent you are ROFL
  14. Your point is not valid: the best DPS increase give weapons, which are already at full potential. The PvP gear for now is sub-par even to t1, while it should be sub-par to t2. In this case keeping the pvp gear nerfed is completely retarded: the 5 pieces of t1 can be acquired in 1-2 MC runs, while the r13 set is farmed for hundreds of hours. But the most fun moment is that non-PvP-ers shouldn't take part in the vote at all. You guys didn't no-life grind that trash (this is the state of epic PvP set ATM) for months.
  15. Zak Preston

    Arcanum of Accuracy suggestion.

    it's not better, it's just irreplaceable.