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  1. Roidrage

    Paladin mechanics

    It seams Theloras play on Lightshope. but you stay here @killerduki ?
  2. Roidrage


    A question about flametongue weapon. It proc are supposed to be of spell crit, not melee. What is it on this server because i ween it wrong on other servers.
  3. Roidrage

    Best professions for enh Shaman?

    PvP Engi/BS PvE Alchemy/herb But actualy you can do what ever.
  4. Roidrage

    Paladin mechanics

    Thats the ”attackpower” of spells. It makes spells do more damage.
  5. Roidrage

    Leveling Ret, judging question.

    What is Original? a server/project?
  6. Roidrage

    shaman as dps endgame

    If you want to dps as a Enhancement shaman there are realy one spec thats acyualy better than this WF strength/agility that alot of people are going with. the spec that you should go as an Enhancement shaman if you actualy want to do more dps are: Main stats are: http://db.vanillagaming.org/?talent#hi0uxohoZxVbdVMhx 1. Spell damage 2. Int 3. Mp 5 4. what ever you want Weapon inbounds: 1. Flametongue and if fire resist you go Frostbrand Elemental fury do affect FT and FB damage. It also affect some magic procs on weapons. Your high spell crit will proc Elemental devastation alot witch gives you 9% crit on whites dmg. (Its actualy pretty usless talent in strength/agility build.) On alot of servers FT/FB procs do even affect Flurry don't know yet on this servers. Flametongue, with a fitting build, receives the following benefits: 10% of your spell damage 15% increased damage from Elemental Weapons 15% increased damage from Improved Scorch 10% increased damage from Curse of Elements 100% crit damage from Elemental Fury (Maybe) 10% increased damage from Weapon Mastery (Maybe) procs Clearcasting This build will make you do more single target dps than the regular WF build.
  7. Roidrage

    Paladin mechanics

    So @Theloras knows alot. Thats good. The thing is i like to play around with other ways to build caracters and i would like to build Retribution spell damage build instead of white dmg. I have done it in the past with enhancement shaman. I would love try that with paladin. So i wonder if its posible to do that with paladin and not totaly gimp your self.
  8. Roidrage

    Paladin mechanics

    So if i do understand you correct @killerduki there are no point in going int on a Spell damage Paladin because they either can't crit or are not affected by int as crit stat? So spec spell damage paladin only "works" as soon as you can get hold of gear with spell damage.
  9. Roidrage

    Paladin mechanics

    @killerduki Thanks for the informative answere. A reflection its a bit wierd that SoR can't crit but a shamans FT can crit and also have it enhanced. But to a more importent question you mabey can help me with. I plan to play my paladin a different way (similar to how i play my enhancement shaman). this is for fun but i dont want it to be insanely gimped if i compare to a strength build Retribution paladin. What i want is to build a spell damage based retribution paladin with, Spell damage, int, mp 5 as main stats. And i am thinking that weapons affect how i build it, if i go 1-hander or 2-hander etc. I have 2 builds im thinking of. SoR build: http://armory.twinstar.cz/talent-calc.php?cid=2&d=vanilla&tal=25050100000000053000000000000152303502003150 SoC build: http://armory.twinstar.cz/talent-calc.php?cid=2&d=vanilla&tal=55000100000000053000000000000252303512003150 If i do go a Spell dagame build what would you suggest. i want to try it and make it as good as posible. And why do you think as you do? Thx
  10. Roidrage

    Paladin mechanics

    So if i understand this correct. Seal of Command holy damage proc are affected by spell power (or are it onlu 70% flat of weapon dmg) but the crit are affected by melee crit?
  11. Roidrage

    Paladin mechanics

    I read somewere that Seal of Command crit were not affected by spellcrit (int) but by melee crit (agility). Is that true?
  12. Roidrage

    Paladin mechanics

    Hello I am fairly new to the Paladin class and have some few questions. A. Seal of Rightousness 1. From autoattacks: Are the damage affected by spellpower, can it crit and if so are that affected by spell crit? 2. Judgment SoR: Are the damage affected by spellpower, can it crit and if so are that affected by spell crit? B. Seal of Command: 1. From autoattacks: The holy damage are it affected by spellpower, can it crit and if so are that affected by spell crit? 2. Judgement SoC: The holy damage are it affected by spellpower, can it crit and if so are that affected by spell crit? C. Consecration: 1. The damage are it affected by spellpower or attackpower? 2. The ticks can they crit and if so are that affected by spellcrit? D. Weapon proc (fire, frost, nature and holy dmg procs) 1. Will the weaponproc be affected by spellpower? 2. Will the weapon proc be able to crit? 3. If its a holy dmg proc will it be affected by Sanctity aura? Hope i get answere from people who knows.
  13. Dont have picture but horde player Twingo (troll hunter) did the same.
  14. People don't understand that its Vitaly the owner that is the questional caracter. Not the people Alexsensual choose to blame and now should apologize to.
  15. Out of respect to playebase... i Edited. But know thats not the problem....