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    Anyone else feeling Petrified Leaf droprate is broken?

    I was in a guild that didn't have a single sinew drop since it was added to the game. I'm with a different guild now, but 0/1 with them so far. The leaf on the other hand, I have seen drop quite a few times.
  2. Starkiller

    matur black dragon sinew

    Is it supposed to be 100% drop if you have the quest?
  3. Starkiller

    Un'goro Power Crystals

    2g each on the AH.
  4. EDIT: Guild has merged with <Compound>
  5. Ludicrous Speed, NA, alliance raids Monday(Ony) and Wednesday(MC). We will also be raiding Tuesday once BWL is released, but may swap up which raids are on which days. We may be the closest thing you find to fit your schedule.
  6. Starkiller

    Proc scaling

    But you'd only want to use a shield vs rogues or warriors, both of which will get owned no matter if you use a 1H or 2H weapon.
  7. Starkiller

    Paladin main tanked Magmadar

    Yeah, it was a bit overkill. I ended the fight with 50% mana. Even with 30 people the boss died relatively quickly. Threat was good throughout the fight as well.
  8. Starkiller

    Paladin main tanked Magmadar

    The fight went super smooth with 2 dwarf priests. The Raid only had 30 people at that point. Mana wasn't really an issue as I used a mana pot, dark rune and got an innervate in the late stages of the fight. https://legacy-logs.com/Vanilla/Raids/Evaluation/index.php?rid=13222&attempts=704399&player=&sel=0&pet=0&tarid=&mode=0