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  1. f u c k you guys. Just set vanilla wayyyyy back.
  2. So, because you are bending over to Nost, I was hoping you refund the people who DONATED money to your servers so they could play their nost characters. If not this is just a huge scam and you will be setting the legacy server back years. People will move on and you will go back to 1,000 players max on your server.
  3. Ewawa

    I don't know what's going on

    Well they are French... SO they gave UP! ваууING CUCKS.
  4. Thanks, I also saw on another thread to Edit your realmlist.wtf to set realmlist . that fixed it for me
  5. I am getting the exact same issue. As soon as I hit enter after typing PW it's instant "disconnected from server" I was on about an hour and half ago too but logged to cook dinner.