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  1. Broculos

    Algum Português que jogue aqui?

    Elysium PVP ally side alguém? Ou alguma guild PT por lá?
  2. Broculos

    Best Melee weapon

    Hmm, I see, thanks for the reply's!
  3. Broculos

    Best Melee weapon

    What's up peeps So as a rocky Hunter what do you guys think is the best melee weapon to go for? I've seen people saying to choose the one that gives better stats =| Axe, dagger, polearms? Thanks tho! ^_^
  4. Broculos

    Hunter Macros & Tips [Redux]

    Thank you mate!
  5. Broculos

    Hunter Macros & Tips [Redux]

    Hey Raziya. First of all, thank you the post. You helped a lot, really! How about you put personal macros for all abilities? :P Or maybe just the pet ones, like your UI for them ^_^ Second, I got a max of 255 characters to use on a macro and because of that I can't use many of your macros like this for example What can I do to be able to use it?