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  1. For The Horde

    For the Horde

    Gnalry is not a good guild ! It is another casual guild which we have plenty of on this server. I am talking about a guild that will make Horde Great again. Not make it a joke
  2. For The Horde

    For the Horde

    Aka'Magosh I think its time we discuss this very bad situation horde side. The only guild that's doing world bosses, any good in raids and doing some PvP (if only occasionally on all accounts) and you could consider HC (cause horde side situation is so bad) is Dreamstate. Meanwhile Alliance has Nope, Coalition and others. I wonder, is there is not enough hardcore players and proper leadership to form another horde guild that could rise to compete for the top? How many casual guilds does this server need ? We only have one Hardcore guild horde side and if you are like me and you don't like the current situation and feel like you have the experience, knowledge, patience, time and energy to do something about it PM and let's see if we can do something about this and make the Horde great again. Lok'Tar Ogar!