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  1. Masterbait

    What is wrong with multiboxing?

    That's BS. On servers where MB is legal very few people make use of it.
  2. Masterbait

    1.9 Items / changes

    So i saw : -Updating Stats For Item "Savage Gladiator Chain" -Updating Stats For Item "Ban'thok Sash" -Guiding Stave of Wisdom" Stats Have Been Corrected -Robes of the Royal Crown" Stats Have Been Corrected -Correcting Stats on "Legplates of the Eternal Guardian" -"Dracorian Gauntlets" Stats Have Been Corrected
  3. Hey folks, so which items exactly have been changed or added with 1.9? I saw some Librams and Idols and Nexus Crystals have been added to.
  4. Masterbait

    Pet confusion

    So i can skip some like Lupos and Broken Tooth. I don't have much time to play and will not camp hours for a pet.
  5. Masterbait

    Pet confusion

    So after reading through dozens of different posts about Pet X and Y i'm a bit confused. What i understand: -Lupos does shadow damage on this server and is considered as the best dps pet for raids -Broken Tooth has 1.0 atkspeed and is best for pvp against casters Questions: -Broken Tooth has no benefits over other cats in pve, right? 1.0 or 2.0 atkspeed does not matter? -What makes the ZG bat special besides it's 1.0 atkspeedk (pve)? -I read that King Bangalash has Cobra Reflexes, is this true on Anathema and what does it mean? -What is so special about Son Of Hakkar? If you would do a top 5 of pets for raiding, how would it look? 1. Lupos? 2.? 3.? 4.? 5.?
  6. Masterbait

    Muted in Dungeons

    Maybe type in longer sentences instead of many short ones.
  7. Masterbait


    I have 200g and no epic mount lol
  8. At the end of Vanilla there was a patch where R14 was obtainable for everyone. Is it part of Vanilla or Tbc pre patch?
  9. I heard that you can backstab mobs while strafing but i doubt it is really blizzlike.
  10. Masterbait

    No boss loot in Dungeons

    Look at Stockades as well, almost no boss drops at all.
  11. Has anyone ever tried leveling to 60 only by grinding? Look at this http://capnbry.net/wow/gspots.php
  12. Love it how the Rogue population on Darrowshire is pretty low compared to the PvP realms. "I'ma roll da sweet Rogue and gank ppl hehehe"
  13. Masterbait

    Ninja Looter Elysium PvP

    Please read the Rogue class description. He is doing his job.
  14. Masterbait


    Maybe 30 Spellpower is a way?