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  1. Your warrior match more or less (more then less) the level of my mage. I'll add her and try to discuss things with you in game when i'll be online (right now browsing forums from the office)
  2. Right now i got one lv45 hunter a lv19 ret paladin and lv22 mage, a lv14 dwarf hunter, and a new lv6 night elf that just risked the long journey into dwarven lands. (i also got low level warlock, warrior and rogue, but I didn't really liked to play those rolls, so them aside) Also willing to make a new character as well, to make duo-leveling from the start if wished. P.S: right now i'm on a new huntress named ellenis. currently lv8.
  3. Hi, Since i left retail (Blizzard doesn't really want players that vaule immersivness it seems :-( ) and came here, I made few characters, but as it seems, Vanilla is much more fun to play together then being a soloer most of the time. I've tried many of the classes, but right now i found the hunter and mage my most liked ones (in retail I really liked paladin dps as well, but here in vanilla its bad...). What I seek is someone that will be willing to do a bit of leveling and maybe a bit of possible light RP together. - pve realm only, - alliance side. If it goes well, and we will come into agreement about leveling and so, I can go as far as create a new alt for that purpose. Right now, I'm thinking about an exiled nelf huntress that will become a weapon smith, Or else about a human female mage. I'm on the EU, and though much more casual then few years ago, I'm online on and off at most evenings (Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday mainly, for about 2-3 hours each), and a bit more during Friday and Saturday - enough for relaxed, adventurous leveling :) please responde here if interested. Thanks :)
  4. Amnastaria

    Darrowshire only loading stuck on Connected

    Darrowshire server as well. Same problem. Stuck for ever on the character choosing screen without being able to see the characters. P.S: this isn't a blame, as i deeply appreciate the great and devoted work done by the volunteer dev team, but somehow I'm afraid something bad is happening lately :-(
  5. Amnastaria

    Can't connect to Darrowshire realm

    Yep, now its officially offline.
  6. Hi, When i'm logging in, the server isn't connecting, but im returned again and again to the realm list. Any advise/help? or idea if it's something on my comp or others suffer from it as well.
  7. Ah. I just hope it isn't a ddo attack or something vile brewed by Blizzard zealots or so :/
  8. Hi, Seems something is preventing me from logging in again into the server. As in the title - the logging process stops in "connected" (sometimes even before - in "authenticating"), then after a minute It writes "disconnected from servers" Does others have similar problems in the last 30 minutes, or is it only me? and if it's not only me, is it server overload, or something worse? Thanks :)
  9. Amnastaria

    How are you enjoying Elysium?

    My huntress Ballasaria is only lv23 atm, but will never refuse some dungeoning with a friendly group (Darrowshire PvE) At least, at time in which I log for a longer gaming sessions.
  10. Amnastaria

    How are you enjoying Elysium?

    I'm having fun in the PvE realm, like i didn't had in WoW for many years. It's tough, it's challanging, mobs do fight back, you need to think about positioning and your next moves or you die, and it's fun. Only thing I really don't like is quest items respawning every 5mins or so - bad when many players are around. But oh well... nothing is perfect. Honestly, the feeling of achievement that I got when I've downed the loch modan trogg leader with only one other player, or when my lv21 huntress downed a pair of lv26 defias night blades and fooled a lv27 elite to steal the quest item under his nose then run away, was much more thrilling then clearing legion end bosses. Thank you, Elysium!
  11. I don't know. The PvE realm seems crowded with people to me. at least in westfall and Duskwood. And btw, I'm a casual and I find vanilla really fun, like I didn't have in retail for long years (and yep, I already died like 30+ times till lv23, and only got 1 drop from 2 DM runs :-p) Don't mix "casual" - one that can't play but few hours here and there (but may wish that the hours he or she does play will be challanging and not a kidfest), with the retail spoiled and entitled kids that just wish for "Da cool lootz" without effort...
  12. Saddest part is the swarm of entitled kids, whining for more and more nerfs - even nowdays retail is too hard for them. "Solo gaming is made immpossible" - because getting themselves to normal LFD (!) for some crafting recepies is too hard or violate their "right" to play entirely solo... "Remove corpse run!" - suuuurrrre. let's replace that with a golden Val'kyr taking each "best of his class" that happened to die somwhow (mostly by falling, because most outdoor mobs are pathetic) into a special room with bunnies and fawns, then give him a free item to compensate him for dying... "We want flying without doing quests! else we quit!" Sigh. Why can't those snowflakes get a special realm of their own, in which they only have one button to play with, named "Win" - which gives their precious free rng loot once a day or so?
  13. This does some both retail and the now-days Blizzard community: https://eu.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/17614723388 A player criticize the way Blizzard nerfed timewalking dungeons into a joke, and getting mass assaulted and downvoted to oblivion by all the entitled "cool kidz" that Blizzard caters for them. "Boo hoo, we don't want to learn dungeons or lose time, we just want our free raid item bag" Damn you Blizzard, for catering for those people and turning a game and a fantasy world that was so great into a fest of obssessive compulsive lots that just want to "collect" without any effort. And here's another one: people moaning about daze still on the game. It waste their precious time while riding to complete dailies and get the rewards: https://eu.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/17614694174?page=1 :-(