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    A overcomplicated Nightfall question.

    Very insightful comment Killerduki! On a serious note though, thank you Theloras and JCarrill0 for responding. I appreciate the help!
  2. Hello ladies and gents! The question I have in mind, is which seal is better to use with Nightfall? - I'm aware that SoR has twice the chance to proc the effect, but I am still curious about a couple of things. I want to start off by mentioning my stats. I'm geared very much like a warrior would be, and my current raid dps is average on 250-300 (not wearing any raiding gear at this time, besides Lionheart helmet) - I also thought it was worth mentioning that I am on the Darrowshire PvE server (not sure if this changes things) Right, so here's my completely unbuffed stats: 0Spell damage. 22.55% crit chance. 768 Attack Power. Melee weapon Swing damage: 383-493. 9% hit chance. Current weapon: Arcanite reaper. Now according to DB Vanilla, the Nightfall weapon is actually not all that bad, but unfortunately this is not the first time that DB.Vanilla is showing the updated stats of something. So here's the stats of the Nightfall weapon on Darrowshire: 171-258 damage. 3.20 attack speed. 67.0 damage per second. (Proc chance is the same I believe) My question now, is what seal to use? SoTc seems good, based on the fact that the weapon swing speed is quite fast. SoR for the extra proc chance. Seal of command for sweet personal burst damage. I wonder, with my current setup, what would be best to use out of these three seals? - When I'm fully stacked in raids with buffs (which is what I'm usually not, because of the fact that my guild is progressing at the moment, so no chance to stack buffs with the added wipe here and there) - my burst dps is 450, with a steady drop down to 350ish. How significantly worse would SoTc be, compared to command for personal dps? and with my curent setup, I feel that SoR is just absolute garbage for my dps - it's a huge contrast between using command and SoR with my current gear. Also, according to some, the life-steal enchant seems to be able to proc itself? - someone tested it for me, and he concluded that it has a chance to do just that. I wonder, could the life-steal enchant proc the weapon proc? - since I'm currently running Crusader as my enchant on Arcanite reaper, and I'm thinking of enchanting my Nightfall with life-steal. Thanks for taking your time to read this! PS: Would seal "dancing" be a thing? Say... using SoR to proc, then switch to command, and then back to SoR when the debuff falls off? Edit: How much worse is Nightfall compared to Arcanite reaper for personal dps? (assuming that I would use Seal of Command in raids) - I only ask, because I haven't had a chance to test it myself, and the habit of paladin dps being heavily RNG based.
  3. Hello guys, and thanks for taking your time to check this out. I've got zero experience with being a holy paladin in Vanilla, and I wanted to ask: If you had the resources, would you buy the Darkmoon faire (Blue Dragon) trinket? I'd like to hear some reasons behind either decision! Thanks.
  4. Tharidor

    Ret Pala

    With all do respect, I'd love to know where these numbers are coming from. Because it sounds to me that you're pulling them out of your arse. If you meant to say that a Paladin with Nightfall will have a lower damage count, than with a high tier weapon, then just say so. If that's what you meant, then I agree. But Nightfall is a wonderful weapon to have during the -lower tiers- of raiding. I am in green's and blue's on my paladin atm, and I pull around 200-300dps during dungeons at the moment. My weapon is Arcanite reaper, which is a sad cry from the better weapons that Vanilla has to offer.
  5. Tharidor

    Ret Pala

    I am surprised how this quickly turned into a hot debate about how viable a retri paladin is. Let me start by pointing out that there are videos out there with retri Paladins (from back in the day of 2005-2006) on youtube. Some of which are raiding in Naxxramas (which everyone likes to point out as the holy grail of vanilla) - yet none of their efforts are taken seriously, because people will not debate with you on facts, and rather shit post a Retri Paladin whenever they can "lolretri". The videos I've seen of Retri raiders aren't bad - they're sometimes top 10 on the meters, out of how many dpsers? close to 30, and these are also Naxx raiding Paladins. No matter what anyone says, they can't deny the videos that serves as proof on youtube that they aren't "complete shit" as many will want to point out. However... if your goal is to be the number one dps in any guild, then I am sorry to say this, but you will never take that spot. You'll also run in to a huge wall of hate and flame for even trying to be Retri Paladin by most morons. So yet again, you have to prove yourself, and if I was in a position to decide between a slacking mage or a dedicated retri Paladin, then I'd choose the Paladin. Nightfall is also a decent weapon that any raiding guild will want, and on a retri Paladin it's quite good.
  6. I was wondering if the "Desert Dumpling" recipe is released on this realm yet. It's a tiny chain that requires 285 cooking and at least level 55. I completed the chain on my 57 paladin with the required cooking skill, yet I didn't receive the skill, and the last part was completed automatically (which it shouldn't be) I get the feeling that this quest is bugged somehow, and I tried asking in general chat but no response. Can anyone confirm the status of this?