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  1. Looking to add a skilled fury warrior to our core! Still open to mages and a pally
  2. Looking for 2 Mages, 1 Warlock, 1 Holy Paladin for CORE raid positions. Still recruiting all for our 2nd MC
  3. I find Human lock a lot of fun. Glad to see you're going engineering as its pretty much mandatory. While you're leveling in STV, keep a stockpile of Jungle Remedy. This will clear crippling poison (your arch nemesis), allowing you to death coil -> jungle remedy -> curse of exhaustion your way out of a would be fatal stunlock gank. Unbind your S key if you haven't already done so and get used to turning and running away from warriors on a dime. With grim reach you can use CoE to put a warrior in combat so they can't charge, and then dot them just outside of their intercept range. At max level you'll want to be rolling with felhunter unless you know you're going to be 1v1ing a warrior or rogue. Make yourself a self-dispel macro to use against mana classes/goblin rocket helm. Bind spell lock and get some kind of addon that shows enemy cast bars (i like modui). Shamans are one of the few classes I use fear against consistently, especially ele shamans. Earth Shock only has a 20 yard range, so use CoT + fear to interrupt their nature dmg casts. Have an pet attack/follow macro so you can take out tremor/grounding totems without wasting a GCD. Save your spell lock for when they try to heal. If you're facing an enhance, use CoE to kite and dispell their frost shocks with your felhunter. Finally, once you're 60, stock up on Limited Invulnerability Potions - so OP on warlocks. Here's some inspiration. Have fun! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VRS8dRDW7wg
  4. Recruiting ALL CLASSES for our 2nd MC raid!! Come get easy epics this Saturday!!
  5. Selling Teebu's to the highest bidder. PM me here, serious bids only please. Cheers. Sold.
  6. Still recruiting all for our 2nd MC. Come get easy epics with a well geared tank! Also looking for 1 Mage, 1 Holy Priest, and possibly 1 exceptional Warlock for our core
  7. Recruiting all classes for our 2nd MC raid!
  8. Now doing split onys! Still looking for 2 mages!
  9. Looking for 2 high quality mages to round out our core before BWL!
  10. Welcoming all PST ZK refugees, especially those who are playing with a group of friends!
  11. squaw

    R14 and PVP Updates.

    Bump. From the video you guys made it seem like it was just the R14 weapons. Does this include gear or not? As in, if I have the level 58 blue pieces, am I going to have to rank to 10 all over again months later just to get the level 60 set?