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  1. The tracker for questie just stopped working for me: out of all the quests I have on the quest list, only 2 of them seem to work for the tracker. (also does not show the minimap icons for the quests that are not shown on the tracking list) - I did try nuking the questie etc. but nothing.
  2. Well I remember asking about this quite a while ago, back when I started on Anathema, and the answer was its not allowed. BUT now there was discussion about this on my guild chat and some1 said they asked a mod about this on discord and it actually is allowed now?
  3. Hi Is there something wrong with this quest? - I walked all over the place but it just didnt complete it.. -.-
  4. mige


    The thing is I have already started a new character on different realm, and I just now got this idea. u think if I created a new account, there would be any chance for a mod to transfer that character then to the other account?
  5. Hey, just wondering if its possible to multilogin with the same account, to play with different characters on different realms. and if its possible, is it allowed?
  6. Hi so yeh, I obtained the quest items, but not able to complete it. Simply nothing happens when I click on the cauldron.. EDIT: dunno what I did to fix the issue, but was able to complete the quest.
  7. No scarlet monastery? EDIT: just realised its in parts.. cant find any groups for any dungeons though?
  8. mige

    Haunted mills quest

    EDIT: works.. my mistake. I dont think theres Devlin Agamand spawn?
  9. mige

    Gordo's task [Quest]

    EDIT: works.. my mistake. Hey Gordo's task cannot be currently completed? - there doesnt seem to be gloom weed to collect anywhere..