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  1. In the off-chance that anyone would ever need frost Power enchant, I'm doing this for my guildie ;) Mains in game Name: Svoo Faction: Alliance Guild: Flashback 300 crafting skills: +20 Frost Spellpower on gloves
  2. Zyfire

    Hardware, servers, and funds

    I am very certain it means $350 a month and an additional $300 for the first month, otherwise he would probably simply say $400 per month plus $250 for database replication server ;)
  3. We don't want pets running around impersonating GMs you know ;)
  4. Zyfire

    Anathema PvP — Unexpected Downtime

    Are you incapable of reading? Elysium has been labeled by OVH (the host) as a fraud because of the chargeback, and so they have to prove to them that they are not in order to get access to the server again.
  5. Zyfire

    Anathema PvP — Unexpected Downtime

    Do you realise how stupid you sound? If they donation money didn't reach the host, then the servers wouldn't be up at all, and it wouldn't go down because they did a chargeback...
  6. Zyfire

    Anathema PvP — Unexpected Downtime

    RIP our alt BWL run, FeelsBadMan :(
  7. By your analogy though, if this was to be implemented, alliance would be recked in every single BG. Because apparantly alliance always lose when solo queueing. It would also kinda ruin the whole point of a premade, winning games fast/easy for more honor. I don't premade just because I like playing with people on teamspeak, I premade because it's a faster way of gaining honor, if I were to only face other premades that would not be true anymore (most of the time).
  8. Zyfire

    Elysium stuck at "connected" again

    I was talking in general. But either way, if a DDoS attack is large enough, there's really nothing that can be done even with a really good server. If you want a more stable server, donate more money. They can't just pick and choose a server withouth enough funds.
  9. Zyfire

    Elysium stuck at "connected" again

    You do realise that the server can crash because of bugs? Right? You do know how a fucking wow server works? The server crashing does NOT directly mean that the HOST has crashed, more often than not it is just the world server crashing (because of a BUG).
  10. Zyfire

    Elysium stuck at "connected" again

    Do you know plenty of WOW servers that never crash? You can't say "games", this is a reverse-engineered server, obviously there's going to be bugs, jesus. It's developed and maintained by hobbyist developers, it's not run by a large company like Blizzard with professional devs.
  11. Zyfire

    Elysium stuck at "connected" again

    That's the most retarded comment I've read all day. Maybe you should try becomming a server developer, I'd love to play on your server that NEVER crashes.
  12. So, I've been reading a lot in-game about people saying you can get permabanned for goldrolls because it's "the same as goldbuying", but when I look in the Terms of Use I see no such thing, yet they claim there's plenty of peoplebanned for it. Can we get an official answer? What's the server's stance on goldrolls?
  13. Zyfire


    I mean, you do make valid points, but they're really nothing to worry about. I play on Anathem and EVERY single run has something reserved. Every MC run reserves bindings and all BOEs. Every Ony run reserves/sells head & bag and usually Vi'skag. That's just how it goes, the raids do fill because people are to lazy to make their own raids, which is exactly why I don't think reserving a few items is bad because organizing and hosting a raid of 40 people is not something everyone wants/can do.
  14. Zyfire


    What's your opinion on reserving things in raids? Raids takes a lot of time to organize and can be stressful to run, should they not be rewarded for their time/effort?
  15. No, invisible dice was rolled when the game decided an item worth a lot of gold would drop. That item benefits me just as much as it benefits a warrior, just not in the same exact way. If there was also a mage item worth 500 gold that dropped in DM maybe I would reconsider, but there isn't.