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  1. my guess is that nighthaven will die down real quick. bc most of the players on it will be "fresh hype" guys. the community that doesnt jump the ship after 2weeks of mc is currently playing on lightshope.
  2. flowqz

    Development Update 14.10.2017

    half of my guild already leveled up a hunteralt to farm maraudon, which still has about 80g / h. brd was already nerfed months ago, think around april.
  3. Darkrunes got removed a few months ago. The problem with this is, that elysium has a 8-9k pop, which is more than tripple of a normal retail classic realm. The only choice now are demonic runes, which are overfarmed almost 24/7. Could you please bring darkrunes back, or up the dropchance of demonicrunes, to make up for the huge population?
  4. that might be because maladath isnt a rogue weapon. for the exact numbers use a spreadsheet.
  5. flowqz

    Needs more Claws - How to Cat

    dense stone shouldnt work actually. is it still bugged?
  6. flowqz

    Feral Cat, Dynamic BiS list v1.0

    you should take worldbuffs and without worldbuffs into consideration.
  7. flowqz

    Target dummy

    i like the target dummy idea.
  8. flowqz

    [A] WTB BWL Loot

    i guess it depends on which items you want.
  9. flowqz

    Should I roll human or dwarf priest?

    only some eletists really care about that. its easy enough as it is.
  10. flowqz

    Should I roll human or dwarf priest?

    as far as i remember that happens in a later patch and not at the start.
  11. flowqz

    Should I roll human or dwarf priest?

    so far only some mc speedrunners only take dwarf priests. the rest is fine with good players and 2-3 dwarfpriests. just check some recruitement threads for more info.
  12. i guess its because noone really replys to an idea with no planing whatsoever
  13. flowqz

    When Somebody Leaves <Iron Edge>

    2weeks beeing lootbanned while you are basicly lootbanned anyway as a trial. harsh? i bet they just followed their basic routine for not bringing consumes. ofc they wouldnt have disenchanted gear he needed, even while lootbanned.
  14. you should get it on about 50% of your casters till aq gets released, unless you are lucky af.
  15. flowqz

    Fury Bis off hand question

    Dalrend is the best preraid weaponcombo there is, aside from ironfoe + felstriker.