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  1. Grampagreen

    Whatever decision is

    Thank you for your broken English and worthless thread.
  2. Grampagreen

    Elysium Q & A Weekly Answers! / 06.04.2017

    When are you going to realize that this is the dumbest idea ever? You keep suggesting this across all forums and you are the only person that thinks its a good idea. Do you really have such little comprehension?
  3. Grampagreen

    Shenna's Resignation

    Thanks for giving me a place to play vanilla.
  4. Please make it so we can queue for multiple BGs. Screw your blizzlike.
  5. It looks like for WSG the rep rewards will show up when BWL launches in 1.6. AB looks like 1.7 with ZG launch. My question is, when AV launches in 1.4/1.5 will the AV rep rewards already be available with that patch without waiting like the other two?
  6. On Elysium I would like to be able to buy BG faction rep gear or play in AV sooner than is projected, but I don't pay shit so they can do whatever they want.
  7. The only thing I wish is that I could queue for multiple BGs at once.
  8. Grampagreen

    New player to Elysium pvp

    Go Alliance, I want faster queue times as Horde and the only way that will happen is if there are more Alliance.
  9. forum.elysium-project.org/topic/41142-vysr-from-horde-guild-steals-450g-in-materials/ Same guy from here.
  10. Grampagreen

    Chinese Win Trading

    Screenshots will be no problem. I'll get some next time I see it, which will probably be tonight. It seems to happen during the week when there is no BG holiday / bonus honor. My OP was more of a general question regarding the awareness of the issue and not a full blown accusation yet. Guild was named <gonghonggouzu> or something like that.
  11. On the Elysium server during US prime time yesterday (4:00am-5:00am server time) there was obvious Chinese win trading going on in AB. They're all in a Chinese guild and don't even bother to leave the starting gates (I'm Horde). I'm too lazy to capture video and go through all that, but it has to be something the Elysium staff are aware of because it's so easy to recognize. No one in chat seemed surprised and it went on for hours. Should I just get used to it and assume it's standard operating procedure on these types of servers?
  12. Grampagreen

    Dear hordes (Elysium server)

    This thread is just broken English crap for 2 pages
  13. Grampagreen

    The Persuader

    Are you saying the plans don't exist until the Naxx patch?
  14. Grampagreen

    The persuader plans

    Bump for a friend. For guilds that don't have a hammersmith and come across these plans, he's willing to accommodate your crafting needs and pay for the plans. Thanks in advance.
  15. Grampagreen

    Warlock Quest: Kroshius' Infernal Core Missing?

    Same here, no quest on Elysium, unable to progress.