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  1. delita1

    [GUIDE] Leveling a Shaman

    Here's his post: The best leveling spec is usualy limited to what you are looking for while leveling. But the fastest spec is this one: http://db.vanillagaming.org/?talent#hvbu00hZVVc0A0ux Start in enhance and then go to elemental. It can be done very easily with green gear, a shield and somewhat decent and sub 1.8 speed weapon with flamtounge, the faster speed the better. If you gear for: Int until you can spam totem/shock/lightningshield without going oom and then go for str>agi>stam>spir, you will never have to rest, aslong as you heal with bandage and no spells. If you are an expert at abusing the 5sr, go for str>int>agi>stam>spir. I like Imp ghost wolf though, it really does make leveling faster, lesser cast spell. What would you replace?
  2. delita1

    [GUIDE] Leveling a Shaman

    Thanks for this. Also agree with other poster about adding some info (spec link) regarding 1h+shield can be pretty good for PvP staying alive and grinding in general.
  3. delita1

    Definitive Warlock Guide

    I'm mid 40's and about to craft a couple pieces of Shadoweave and I'm definitely going to switch over to your build and give it a try. My only issue comes with gankers, as I am Ally, and the Undead problem with WoTF. But for every other race of horde players, it sounds pretty feasible. I'm quite honestly bored to death with the basic VW dot+wand build because you are definitely correct that you are always waiting for the VW to regenerate mana for Torment on the next mob. I'm not LAZY either but I really don't think I should have to put my pet Torment on manual and use it sparingly to be vigilant about his mana usage. It's just a pain in the ass and not worth doing,
  4. delita1

    Becoming a lock as an Ally[PvP]

    anyone have the best build we're talking about they can post as an ally lock? leveling one myself, read this forum post and i'm like well shit, didn't think it through - but i love GNOMES ! and i have a pocket pally for pvp which is great.
  5. I wish they'd just go ahead and announce it since it can be seen on the Realm list already. I'd like to know if I am going to be re-rolling before I invest too much in Elysium, I'm sure there are plenty of others that feel the same.
  6. delita1

    Region Lock New Server

    In regards to that, all I can say is that it seems the devs care enough to ban people for BUYING gold from these people but are too sympathetic to the Chinese to actually do something about fully resolving the problem, I.E., give them their own server, or give everyone else their own server.
  7. Just curious how many people would be interested in seeing the next server region locked. As in, US/EU, blocked VPN's and Chinese IPs. The queue is obviously ridiculous, I can't rightly say how MUCH of it is actually due to chinese farmers/botters, but I know that there is probably a good lot of them. I would love to see the next server region locked, and would even open up to making donations with others who were interested to see this done properly. Seeing hordes of players with Xadikfhjasdju random names rubber banding with 400ms ping and clogging the queue to outrageous numbers is concerning, as I know MOST of us are here to play and enjoy the game and this kind of stuff really breaks the feeling of nostalgia.