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    http://gathereraddon.com/dl/Gatherer/gatherer- — that one work fine on my client
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    LF leveling partner

    1. Faction / Race Alliance/human 2. Class / Spec Paladin. Retri for dpsing while leveling and healing in dungeons. Currently 14lvl. 3. Location / Time Zone Russia, +8GMT 4. Preferable primetime 12-17GMT 5. VoIP Skype, discord, raidcall — almost anything, though my speaking english and japanese are not as good as i want to. PM me if you're interested.
  3. Ищу группу для совместной прокачки с прайм-таймом до 19.00МСК. Пока добрался только до Weftfall'а (Западного края)