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  1. yogitud2

    Transfer from Rebirth possible?

    Elysium is by no point required to take us in. I just kindly ask for it and hope for them to make that nice gesture. Also i had the same thought, that they have more pressing matters at hand currently. If they do not take us in, i can understand that. I just ask for it and hope for the best. Servers being fresh is not a big concern for me. In fact i rahter level on the old PVE server, so the starting areas are not overcrowded. Thank you for input. Im always happy to respond to an apropiate comment Gehere ;). If someone write "u wot mate" may desire to compose an answer tends to be zero.
  2. yogitud2

    Transfer from Rebirth possible?

    I dont feed Trolls Uglyaf. Get your feed elsewhere
  3. yogitud2

    Transfer from Rebirth possible?

    You have some wrong assumptions there. Server Core code and Database with player data are two different things. Option 1: Player Data is migrated to Elysium and imported into their Database after being exported from TBR Database. This options requires help from TBR ownwer. Option 2: Player provide login credentials, which are used to asses Characters level, professions, items. A new Character is created by a GM on Elysium. This does not require any help from TBW owner. Primalwow is offering exactly that, but they are WOTLK/hybrid. Also all Server code (NOT the player database) will be released on Github (open source) I really hope another vanilla server allows us Rebirth players to keep our characters and join their community.
  4. yogitud2

    Transfer from Rebirth possible?

    Well we are talking about 2 different pairs of shoes :). Migrating the huge Nost Database with thousands of players or migrating 20 people from Rebirth. Manually doing it is faster in the later case, but slower in the first.
  5. yogitud2

    Transfer from Rebirth possible?

    It is not. Most Tranfers to other servers work different. You provide screenshots of all gear/professions or even login data and a staff member creates the database entry for your char from scratch. Merging different database schematics is certainly not the way it goes.
  6. yogitud2

    Transfer from Rebirth possible?

    there were 0 paid services on The Rebirth.
  7. Hello Elysium team, I am currently playing on the Rebirth with a friend. As the server will close in March, I kindly want to ask, if it would be possible to transfer the Characters? Preferably to the old NOST PVE. It does not need to be perfect. Level, Name, Profession would be almost sufficent. Replacing all gear with a basic gear would be ok. We are intensly playing wow for 2 month now. Currently lvl 43, but i think it will be 55 when rebirth ends. It would be awesome to be able to continue our wow experience here! Greetings yogi