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    我今天也遇到了这种情况。散拍,进了,遇上了premade,输了,出来再排,不到1分钟又可以进了,又遇上了同样的premade。 根据git上的代码:https://github.com/elysium-project/server/blob/development/src/game/Battlegrounds/BattleGroundMgr.cpp 特别是这三个方法及其注释: void BattleGroundQueue::Update(BattleGroundTypeId bgTypeId, BattleGroundBracketId bracket_id); bool BattleGroundQueue::CheckPremadeMatch(BattleGroundBracketId bracket_id, uint32 MinPlayersPerTeam, uint32 MaxPlayersPerTeam); bool BattleGroundQueue::CheckNormalMatch(BattleGroundBracketId bracket_id, uint32 minPlayers, uint32 maxPlayers); Premade应该优先加入premade队列,并且优先与premade匹配。在一段时间(默认30分钟)如果premade队列没有其他敌对premade加入,才将premade从premade队列中移出并和普通玩家匹配。怎么可能1分钟里又遇上同样的premade... https://elysium-project.org/bugtracker/issue/3947
  2. Stylophone

    Development Update 05.04.2017

    OMG you finally fixed the mac transports issue! Nice work!
  3. Stylophone


    .....真长 1. 装备差距大不影响战场平衡性。两方阵营同时多一堆装备好的或者装备不好的,无所谓的。 2. 60级年代暴雪声称每个服务器上限2500人。现在这个服总人数相当于那年代的4,5个满员儿的服务器跨服。可以了。 3. 完全还原是不可能的。合理的适当调整是可以接受的。毕竟1.12时期很多内容到后来都被暴雪自己调整了或者砍了。 4. 集合石是2.0加进来的。
  4. Stylophone

    Bg premade 国家队

    .....太长 暴雪最原始的匹配机制就是,单排匹配单排,团排匹配团排。只不过团排的排上一段时间之后,如果对面没队伍就转换成和单排的匹配了。要不60级那会老有间谍跑过来看国家队进了才排。 归根结底这是老毛子服,管事的都是老毛子。bb这么多也没啥用,中文GM都只能管游戏里那些事也没啥话语权,凑合玩儿吧。
  5. Stylophone

    BG Premades

    What's the point to up this? As you've said there's no MMR system in vanilla that's why people making group themselves aka premade. However, what you probably didn't know is there's always a method in server-side program that to make sure premade face with premade primarily. If you pug happen to be facing with a premade that means they have queued long enough time already while there's no premade on the opposite side. What else do you want? A perfectly well-matched pvp environment for everyone? If so you suggestion won't work cos as people said in this topic they still could 321 queue and there still certain chances for you into a pug with no healers or full of melee dps or greens/blues.
  6. That wasn't because of they can't see the ban appeals mate...
  7. o_O this is definitely a joke...stop fooling me!
  8. it's alright mate. I realized this morning too.
  9. Stylophone

    Bg premade 国家队

    首先,40 * 3 = 120,不等于150。 其次,一场AV上限是80人。就意味着,240个玩家同时在排才可能开一场。等这240个玩家进了之后,后来的玩家又需要再等240个人才可以再开一场。 然而,按照暴雪原先的设定,开一场AV所需双方阵营各20人,假设A服目前也是这个设定: 240 / 20 * 2 = 6 按照你的算法,开一场AV所需人数和时间将是之前的6倍。而在AV荣誉周时,排一场AV大概需要10-15分钟。那么调整之后排一场AV的时间将会在60分钟 - 90分钟之间。这还是在假设,在这90分钟时间里,没有玩家因为这种调整导致提前离线。你觉得听上去靠谱吗?更不用提还有打小号战场的twinkers,估计永远也打不上了。
  10. Stylophone

    Lvl 1 bank toons getting deleted?

    I do have heard that someone got banned because of mass mails he sent to his bank toons. But I think he had it back after an appeal.
  11. Stylophone


    那任务就是有bug。NPC经常卡半山上,有时候服务器重启了就好了过两天又卡哪儿了。你可以游戏内联系个GM让他帮你重新刷一下。 bug report track: https://elysium-project.org/bugtracker/issue/688
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  13. Stylophone

    The blizzlike population

    Don't understand. What's the purpose to compare a server capacity with 12 years ago? I once had a custom workstation with 4-socket Tyan mainboard and 4 x AMD Opteron 885 for rendering purpose at 2006 and almost any laptop made after 2010 can beat it...