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  1. Narzilx

    Crossbow of Imminent Doom vs. Rhok'delar

    Rhok'delar is already worse than the AV xbow so just wait until Ashjre'thul. The only other item comparable is the gun from AQ.
  2. Narzilx

    Clever Traps in PVP ?

    You use rank 1 mend pet which costs 50 mana, and every r14 hunter uses that.
  3. Narzilx

    Clever Traps in PVP ?

    Sure it might be ok to go survival for casuals, but if you want to be good at the game or are good then you won't go survival :) The go to pvp specc is 23/21/7 btw. If your pet dies in raids then your raid is not good, healers keep them up fine in mine on every boss, also yes I do position my pet properly it's not hard to do so. A polymorph will not negate anything since you'll just dispel your pets poly lol
  4. Narzilx

    Clever Traps in PVP ?

    If you want to do low damage then sure go survival, but the raiding specc for a hunter is 17/31/3. You don't even go more than 7points into survival for pvp lol.
  5. Narzilx

    Clever Traps in PVP ?

    It's not for PvE since you can't even specc it for PvE lol
  6. Narzilx

    Clever Traps in PVP ?

    Patch 1.2.0 (18-Dec-2004): Players now have an increasing chance to break free of the effect, such that it is unlikely the effect will last more than 15 seconds. This is how the heartbeat resist works in vanilla. If it works otherwise then it is not blizzlike and bugged. Hard cc is not supposed to be max 12sec against players.
  7. Narzilx

    Clever Traps in PVP ?

    If you want to win against any class you don't want to dot them up yes. Using serpent sting in pvp is a bad thing to do. I also mentioned that you use frost trap in WSG, but the increased duration will do nothing because people get through it before it ends since it lasts for 30seconds already. I'll make it simple, if you're premading you'll never use immolation trap nor serpent sting and if you use serpent sting or immo in 1v1 you are doing something wrong again.
  8. Narzilx

    Clever Traps in PVP ?

    You don't have any points to spare for it in a PvP specc. You also don't want to ever dot a player up with immolation trap assuming you're 1v1ing the guy. The duration of the frost trap is already enough for WSG, people come through it before it ends.
  9. Narzilx

    Clever Traps in PVP ?

    Yes, it can be 26seconds, but freezing trap works on the heartbeat system and will rarely ever be over 12sec duration. Rendering the talent useless as mentioned before.
  10. Narzilx

    Clever Traps in PVP ?

    yes, but it's a useless talent.
  11. Narzilx

    [A] — EU | <Return> is recruiting!

    Interesting guild :)
  12. Narzilx


    You do realize that the only bow in the game that doesn't make aimed shot clip is the bwl xbow if you do the math, right? Also I don't think you understand the formula and how weapon normalization works. Speed has no correlation on damage range per hit.
  13. Narzilx


    Weapon speed doesn't affect the damage the weapon does because of weapon normalization every ranged weapon is based on 2.8 speed for damage calculation purposes. Only the damage range on the weapon matters for it. The speed only matters for clipping which is only an issue in raiding and would only be solved by having the BWL xbow.
  14. Narzilx


    The speed should only directly matter in PvE raiding because of clipping. iirc elysium has weapon normalization already in.
  15. Narzilx

    Game breaking hunter bug

    Hello, I and many other hunters have encountered a game breaking bug that makes us useless. It makes us unable to farm or grind mobs, and severely gimped in PvP. How it happens is if you stable your pet and join a battleground to then get resurrected by one of the spirit healers you will spawn with a duplicate of your pet that is in the stable. However the pet has 200-300 Maximum hit points(depending on which pet and type etc) with no abilities, loyalty, nor pet tab or anything of the sort. I have tried many things to fix this which includes using the script to abandon pet, changing it at the stable master, and many other things. This completely breaks the class.