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  1. Egregious

    The Egregious Guide to Resto Shaman

    It's here now: https://classicwow.live/guides/18/the-egregious-guide-to-resto-shaman
  2. Egregious

    Killerduki is a Disgrace to my Legacy

    Discord in the Paladin community!
  3. Egregious

    Any successful Ele Shammy in raids?

    Too much NR.
  4. Egregious

    [Addon] TomTom

    Nice fix.
  5. Egregious

    Vanilla-Era XP on Nighthaven

    The 2.3 XP change only hit Vanilla era zones and quests. Additionally, several quests were added to zones such as Dustwallow Marsh and Tanaris to increase the leveling efficiency and viability of those zones. TBC leveling, insofar as leveling from 60 to 70, remained unchanged and should hold to how it was leveling upon the release of the expansion.
  6. Egregious

    Vanilla-Era XP on Nighthaven

    You want Blizzlike? We give you Blizzlike!
  7. Egregious

    Improved Ghost Wolf - not reducing cast time properly

    @niterage69 I tested this several times on the PTR and was unable to reproduce your outcome. Each point I have put in Improve Ghost Wolf accurately reduces the cast time by 1 second. With 2/2, my Ghost wolf is a 1 second cast.
  8. Egregious

    GUIDE: Placing totems with 1 key, using Call of Elements

    Not a founding, a current.
  9. Egregious


    Pretty sure I have that in my guide.
  10. Egregious

    Zaasu's Mage Guide (Elysium - Patch 1.7)

    This guide is sooo pretty.
  11. Egregious

    Shaman mission bugged

    I think there is something you are failing to fundamentally understand about what precisely a "ticket", by which can be commonly understood to be an in-game GM ticket, is. I also feel as if you don't understand the structure of pservers.
  12. Egregious

    Shaman mission bugged

    Submit a ticket with the quest ID, account and character name?
  13. Egregious

    Grounding totem

    Grounding should be capable of redirecting Polymorph.
  14. Egregious

    GUIDE: Placing totems with 1 key, using Call of Elements

    In my firm opinion, regardless of the reality that you're only required to drop the same exact totems in the same exact rotation 99% of the time, you need to know where your alternate totems are. I could go into more detail on this, but the idea that you needn't be responsible for your class' abilities, and especially core mechanics, should, in my opinion, speak for itself. I understand the utility and quality-of-life that addons such as these provide; however, you are relinquishing your primary niche to an addon considering you are out of practice and out of touch with dropping alternative totems of specific elements.
  15. Egregious

    Ele shaman question

    To add to what Kappa said, even if you don't have Int gear; you can still effectively heal dungeons with the cooperation of the tank. Whenever I roll on private server, I always level Enh with a few Resto talents [mainly Improved Healing Wave] to more effectively offspec heal. If the tank doesn't try to blast through the instance chain pulling, and gives you a little extra time to drink, you will be absolutely fine doing both questing and dungeons.