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  1. You guys have to realize that the only reason why Elysium has become so big and successfull was Nostalrius gift to them. Without Nostalrius help, nobody would know Elysium now. Unfortunately, recent behaviour has finally revealed that Elysium is not worth carrying Nostalrius legacy. Too bad Lights Hope is not too. They will do the same sht and end up the same way Elysium just did. This is what ppl in african countries must feel like, all they can vote for are corrupt, lying bastards. Choose between pest and cholera. What the vanilla community needs are honest, ambitious Devs with visions
  2. What makes ppl think LH would make it any better? Ive never been an Elysium fanboy, Ive always been sceptical and did not believe in the staffs ambitions. But Whitekidney does not offer you a solution, but the same sht with only 1 difference: he is in charge now.
  3. Revo

    Too Many Vanilla Veterans!

    They dont play the game because they know everything about it, they know all about it because they love the game. For various reasons. But i totally get your point. Exploring and finding answers yourself can satisfy much more than when other ppl just tell you how it works. But what can you do about it? You can just try to avoid those ppl and find alikes, there should also be several guilds that mainly recruit and have rather unexperienced players
  4. A new realm could actually be the best solution in the current situation. It has always been a burden to manage so many different realms with different progress , different release dates and stuff. Killing (or letting die) the old servers and launching a new one, while not making the same mistakes again, COULD stabilize, retain and save Elysiums future. But it for sure wont make it grow, i dont see any hype there
  5. such topics always make the forum worth a read
  6. Revo


    why do you only complain about the black lotus? a bit racist, arent we?
  7. Revo

    About the ZK Transfer

    a low pop server does not generate more gold or items than a high pop server. infact it generates much less. only due to the lower pop, an average player can acquire more gold/items than an average player on a high pop realm. so its not a big deal. and just like those chose a low pop realm with its pros and cons, you chose a high pop realm with its pros and cons. its been your decision you chose elysium or whatever, so you should not complain about others having an "advantage". you also had the choice
  8. Revo

    How to save Elysium

    you already mentioned several servers that offer high rates and instant max level. why dont you join these if theyre so much better? you should also ask yourself why these servers never became big, even tho there always were many more of those than of blizzlike servers. elysium did and still does a lot of things wrong/worse than nost, but changing this to a fun/custom server would be the last wrong decision theyd make
  9. Revo

    Am i banned now?

    1h is quite a lot
  10. how do you want to change this?
  11. if they allowed transfers from elysium to zeth is would be perfectly fine
  12. sorry bud, i have no idea. but does anyone know where i can sell my items for real money?
  13. youll never become happy here, ever. this is not the game youre looking for.
  14. the staff knows these methods and is reviewing such cases afaik. but you could also report it. however, it obviously also is possible someone accidently entered a wrong price or someones trolling