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  1. if u want fair u are playing the wrong game one class will have some over another class dps goldfarimg or so on. all the nerfs some classes seen are just killing what made them fun.Being able to do something another class could not. fair loooooooool
  2. rajinsu

    set exp rates

    this is the kind of counter others should have said and not just go full reee in there posts even if i still think letting players set there xp rate would be a good idea for lower pop servers ill give it to u for not being a ass in your post and just posting your ideas on the topic. internet high five XD
  3. So off and on i see some really odd over priced items on ah like one day i seen a green 14 sword+2agi some one wanted i think it was 225g.And iv been thinking is this how gold sellers are getting around now maybe this should be looked in to by staff.U see over priced stuff a lot off and on has any one else seen them and any idea if its gold seller or what.Or could this be people comeing over from retil and thinking the same prices work here. What do u guys think should this be something we as players report when we see it.Or something that the staff should look in to .What do u guys think.
  4. rajinsu

    set exp rates

    why bother posting if u are just going to talk shit ? fill free to post if u have something to say more on the topic like cons and pros of the topic at hand I know this idea dont get much love but how about thinking of newer players that plays on the servers that get stuck lving by there self no guild no dungeons thats no fun at all..Do u think its fun for them.The staffs allready done non blizz like nerfs some classes farming spots and so on . and like i said before being able to set your own exp rate would be nice if u want to have a val fill u could still do that but if u wanted to lv faster thin u could as well val 1x maybe cap at 10x or even 5 would be nice. Lving faster to get in to 60pvp and raids. other thin 10-19 and 60 pvp not a lot if any in less u are waiting for a very long time in the 40s i had a timer go for 1hr before getting in one.Thats something else it would help wile like some one said said lving gives u time to learn your class.But at the same time who plays this that didnt all ready know how to play there class that they rolled . Learning how to play your class is one thing learning how to play with others pvp raids is another and this is something most lving dont get to see or do till 60. @Saintpaul U seem like one of them people that would shittalk on lower lvs for tring to learn there class if they are new to wow its people like u that would make players leave the game. If someones doing bad help them dont push them away from the game .Some people take this to far at the end of the day its just a game . like today ran a dungeon and we died a few times the healer} very few of them at lower lv} talked shit on the others some bitching off and on so not like we could kick and find another easy.But we pushed on the others and me would say gj after a downed boss or after a hard pull that could have killed us for pulling to many or something going wrong. And at the end the healer because we didnt bitch or talk shit said he was sry about how he acted because he was having a bad day.And having a group of nice people made it a little better. And u know i had a funner time int that one dungeon thin i did lving to get in to it its only when u find nice people do u get to see what val was really about and what made it great. i know i get off topic a little but i cant help but put down what im thinking off even if it move from one thing to the next and it mainly builds off the things i said befor or off what some one posted
  5. rajinsu

    set exp rates

    lol i have a hord 60 and now working on a pally and im very nice ingame i help others all the time so there gos your post Its just theres a lack of low lvs that want to do partys or dungeons no one wnats to do them even if thats where the best gear can be found wile lving. 9/10 u see healers or any one mainly being run by 60s this is on ath but wile i was lving my hunter he got in 1 dungeon wc 1 time and didnt find a guild till 60 so that shows lack of new blood and guilds that even do things .Also ya its 12 yrs and a lot of val was broken and not fixed till bc for a few classes. i dont get why other find wanting to make val better something bad.
  6. rajinsu

    set exp rates

    i love to run dungeons but clearly on ath finding dungeon partys is not easy in less u are 60.Thats why id like to see a xp rate set.But i guess closed minded people will stay that way and would not wnat to better the server to try and get new players. Keep in mind there are new val servers comeing out crestfall and a few other in time at that point what make ely stand out.Its had nothing but probs and drama around it. And people saying all the time to any one that has a idea if u dont like it go some where else and its them people that one day going to be asking where did all the players go . Really lv a ch on one of the other 3 servers other thin ely and tell me how fun it is when u never find a party for hard quest or dungeons till 60
  7. rajinsu

    chicken pet westfall

    ya i can 2nd that its broke on ath server tried doing it on my pally.that was befor the server went done to patch we so dont know if it is still broke
  8. Know i know a lot of people dont like the idea but why not let players set there exp rate to the rate they want to with a /setxprate x.x%.I think it mite help the servers really.Thin people who what to have a val bliz like can people who what to lv fast or cant even find groups for lower dungeons get by and get to 60 for raid or pvp.other thin ely theres a lot less new players in the game now.New servers coming out tbc and i think i also seen something about a val like one as well somewhere Because at lower lv finding dungeon or just quest groups is crazy alot at least the times i play it seems.This could even help bring in new players .And befor some one says not bliz like therea a lot allready not bliz like in the game.
  9. my guess kill off athem really seem slike thats whats at hand.Iv called it every time that they would put off this up date and if they ever did lower numbers its would be a joke.Just to by time because aq is no where near ready if at all it will ever come out because clearly they lost what good coding staff they had a wile back
  10. rajinsu

    +7 damage on chest item

    really wouldnt care if they added there own gear in to the game .people say all the time x class can only do x spec and side note its a lv 20 pisece so who cares really it will be replaced in a few lvs.people mite see it as a diff prob ifit was higher lv gear. off topic .other wise they cant raid or do good damage .Really wouldnt be bad if they made val better by making all class specs useable for raiding id love to raid as a ret pally or feral druid val is fun and all but left a lot of specs blowing hard core till btc and that makes a lot of fun specs left out of raiding
  11. rajinsu

    War Effort — UPDATE 3/26/2017

    here let me translate your post from text to vid .....ya i have nothing better to do now when any one says reeeeee think of this
  12. rajinsu

    War Effort — UPDATE 3/26/2017

    really just give us the new number its the only way u guys will save face
  13. rajinsu

    War Effort — UPDATE 3/26/2017

    Well before any one jumps for joy there is a lack of transparency on whats going to be done.higher lower numbers and by how much.Really after how this has been i would not put it past them to up the numbers and say that there even more mats being horded so the new numbers will reflect that. Because they lack giving any real info on what there doing with the numbers.clearly it would only help if they would have showed the new numbers why there not is crazy and just fills like another round about way like the other posts by staff .
  14. rajinsu

    Your donations and you…

    U should just give up on the war eff getting fixed its clear that they wont or dont know how to or it would have been done by now look at all the time from the start of the war eff that they had to fix it at any point .Yet it just get put off and will get back to u just to tell us na not going to fix it.thin we listen to our players will let u know once we recount the numbers.Really becase if that was the case it would have been fixed the first time.. ok whiteknights go head and flame me for calling there shit agin