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  1. Moonguard

    Rogue gold farms??

    Ask devs why they nerfed PP and increased mobs stealth detection
  2. Moonguard

    Dear hordes (Elysium server)

    Dayum I would love me some 60lvl arenas
  3. Moonguard


    Nerfing a class's way of making gold doesnt seem fair to me, even if they did it to prevent gold sellers.... NEWSFLASH not every rogue is a gold seller + stealth detection of mobs is also high
  4. Moonguard

    Blade Flurry

    It hits the closest target possible in my experience
  5. Moonguard


    1 in 15 is definitely too high considering this http://vanilla-wow.wikia.com/wiki/Pick_Pocket
  6. Moonguard


    Plan is for her to dmg a mob and I kill it without being in a party, not multiboxing or anything
  7. Moonguard


    What about dungeons, cant run lower level toons through dungeons? Ive seen ppl even pay 60s to run them
  8. Can I help my wife level her toon in the open world as well as dungeons by killing the mobs she tags?
  9. Moonguard


    Any reason why the chance of mobs ressisting Pickpocket is increased? Ressists occur like every 20-25 mobs in brd Edit: seems fine after the Darrowshire restart today
  10. Moonguard

    Lockpicking Guide 1-300

    Cant find any footlockers tried tanaris, azshara and searing gorge..
  11. Moonguard

    We did it ladies and gentlemen!

    And now there are no footlockers, spent 30 min on tanaris beach - seen none. They supposed to have 3 min respawn time. RIP LP leveling
  12. Moonguard

    Combo points

    Hey there, rather new to the rogue class so I decided to ask here. Here is the scenario: I am fighting 2 mobs at the same time. I have 3 combo points on mob A. I target mob B ( for any reason ) without using any combo points generating abilities on it. I switch back to mob A - my 3 combo points are gone. Is this normal?
  13. Moonguard

    Leveling as a fire mage?

    Hey, I am also leveling as fire on the newest opened realm. I have some experience as a mage but never leveled as fire so may I ask for a link to your spec? I am only level 17 so what Ive got so far is improved fireball and few points on ignite (rarely procs due to low crit %). I think I will continue as fire up to around 30 where I will be leveling in more contested zones. Cheers