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  1. Masteridley

    Dual Wield OH Question

    Get a thrash blade asap and use it all the way to 60. Then get a mirah's song to use in your OH from the scholo quest.
  2. Masteridley

    Survival tips on a pvp server?

    No joke I used to do the same thing as the guy above, there is no point in even trying to fight back if a ranged class starts attacking you. It's really not that fun to kill people who just stand there so it does make people less likely to stick around and camp you. The best advice I can give is to not put yourself in a position to run into the opposing faction. I farmed gators in dustwallow marsh from 35-40. If your alliance you can sell to nat pagel on the coast when your bags fill up, and no one is ever around so you can just be constantly killing. Doing so I actually had enough money to buy my mount at lvl 41 too.
  3. Masteridley

    Blizzlike be Blizzlike

    Can't what? They are still the 3 best classes to solo farm gold even post nerf so my point stands. There are actual issues that should be addressed on these servers, one of them is not that those 3 classes are struggling to get by from a gold perspective.
  4. Masteridley

    Blizzlike be Blizzlike

    QQ mages can't make double the amount of gold as everyone else anymore life must be so tough! But seriously these are some very minor changes in the big picture, and anyone with half a brain can see why it's good for the server in the long run. The only people you will find crying about it is the classes who were previously able to exploit said methods. There are but a handful of you folks, I advise you save your breath because no amount of whining is going to make the staff change their stance on this for good reasons.
  5. Did you provide them with video proof? Otherwise what are they supposed to do if they check on him and he's no longer AFK?
  6. Masteridley

    unhappy with the zeth kur transfers

    This post is so self centered it's laughable. Do you know why elysium population used to be lower? Because there was another server for people to play on. Had they not opened ZK then there would have been 10k people online at all times since launch. Those player are god damn martyrs in my opinion, and I am glad the staff decided they wouldn't throw them under the buss and actually executed a plan to get them back on a real server where they can enjoy the game. What is your suggested plan? Let a bunch of people rot on a dead server just for your personal benefit? And I am not trying to be an elitist at all but why are you not level 60 yet? From a pure utilitarian standpoint the level 60's who just transfered from zeth are far more valuable to the server health than someone still doing level 30 quests 6 months into launch.
  7. Masteridley

    wailing cavern runs

    Your going to need a good amount of runs to twink out two characters without them getting over leveled. You should consider leveling a hunter on another account to run your twinks through vc and wc to get items. You would only need to be lvl 35ish which isn't a huge investment.
  8. 1. Horde wait 30+ minutes at a time to get into BG's. If you were horde you would be crying about how you wish you rolled alliance everyday right now. 2. It doesn't matter if you win or lose from an honor perspective. Everyone else who is pugging honor on alliance is also losing, even if you manage to win a game all 15 people on your team get that honor, you didn't manage to get a gain on anyone. Grinding honor is about how many hours you can put in per week, has nothing to do with winning or losing, learn to see the forest from the trees.
  9. Masteridley

    Weapon choice

    I've always been a very adamant 2H leveler but this time around I switched to dual wield fury around level 50 and never looked back. I feel like 2h really shines at lvl 40 but starts to fall off hard around the 50's. I used tooth and thrash for a while as well, though I would recommend you get something else soon so you can MH thrash for more procs. If you can get Ice barbed spear though I would say it's just a matter of choice, it won't make much of a difference so just do what you'll find the most fun.
  10. There's actually a really simple solution to this, don't roll horde. This is exactly how it was on Nost and on Kronos so it's something everyone could have seen coming. I personally wanted to play horde (as a shaman) but I didn't because I decided I would rather have instant BG queues. Also consider that the grass is always greener. I keep a tally on the outcome of my BG's matches since I hit 60. Out of 42 total pug AB's we have won 6 of those and lost the other 36.
  11. Masteridley


    I rarely ever gank lowbies because I know how much it sucks to be on the receiving end. That being said I am going on a ganking spree as soon as I get home, all these whiney posts have lit a fire under me and I feel it's my duty to weed out the weaklings. Hopefully we get several new threads such as this in the coming week due to my contribution.
  12. Masteridley

    Looking for Opinions

    Druids are the fastest healers to level, you can kill 3-4 mobs your lvl in cat form (not at once but one after another), switch out and heal yourself to full, rinse and repeat. They get 30% movement speed at lvl 21 and 40% movement speed at lvl 30. While leveling you can join dungeon groups as tank, dps or healer. At 60 you'll have no problem finding a guild as a healer. If you ever get sick of healing then you can try out feral, imo it's the most viable offspec in the game. As the above poster mentioned though what makes them so awesome is their versatility. They can tank, melee dps, heal, range spell damage dps, they can stealth, break polymorph, cast inervate, etc. Or you can try paladin, I am sure it's a lot of fun auto attacking, buffing every 5 minutes and casting flash of light over and over again ( I joke :) ).
  13. Masteridley

    What loot holy paladin can "need"?

    Doesn't matter, GM's on this server won't even bother responding to such a ticket, rightfully so in my opinion. You have every right to roll on that, it's not specifically a mage piece since it just has stam/spirit/int so it benefits you both all the same. When an item has +dmg and healing though you should 99% of the time not roll against casters for that item though and only roll on items with +healing only.
  14. Masteridley

    What makes a feral bear a better bear?

    Defense increases the chance that you dodge, block and parry by 0.04% per skill. So where as 8 defense would give .96% avoidance to a warrior it only gives .32% to a druid making it pretty terrible. It also reduces the chances you get crit by .04%, which is why warriors try to get 140 extra so they never get crit, but there isn't any leather gear with defense so it's not possible for you. The order you listed them in is the priority as far as I understand. Armor is king, followed by stamina and then dodge. Hit is good to have if you aren't giving up much in return. For example I used to use devilsaur set when tanking 5 mans. The only real important slots are warden staff/dm mace, enchanting trinket, ony attune trinket and that protection ring with armor. Other than that you can prioritize however you want.
  15. Masteridley

    2Handed warrior specc?

    Question for you guys, I am currently using Thrash Blade + Mirah's Song, and with the release of AV coming up soon I am wondering if it would be beneficial to use The Unstoppable Force with a 2h spec over my current setup. Also I am not human