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  1. Mentathiel

    Rogue levelling, what am I doing wrong?

    I had the same problem at that level. Pick your battles, grinding low level mobs if that what it takes, and use quests to get up through your levels. Grouping would be the best answer, I suppose. Give it another couple of levels and you might be able to get a group for Deadmines (though you should really head to Westfall now if that's your plan, so you can pick up the Van Cleef quest at the end of the Defias quest-line) which should help you upgrade your gear. Get friendly with an alchemist, gather healing potions and get used to fights being harder because a 16 rogue is not going to solo as easily as other classes. This period will pass, not least of all because you will start using poisons and pick-pocketing more healing potions than you can use (assuming you can master stealth) in the coming levels. At 16, I was dying to mobs my level. At 25, I was soloing (selected) level 30s.
  2. Mentathiel

    serveur down ?

    Odd... All other realms are fine, Darrowshire even shows up as online on the realm selection screen, shows 4167 players logged in on the status screen. Interesting bug there...
  3. Mentathiel

    Logged into wrong server and stuck

    I think the following should work: Open up your WoW folder, open \WTF\ and find config.wtf. You can delete it (deletes your basic setting too) or you can open it with a text-editor and switch the line which starts "SET realmName" to point at a valid realm like "Darrowshire" for example. Save, start the game, choose a PvP realm if you want.
  4. Mentathiel

    Impossible to pickpocket again?

    Yeah, that's one I keep coming across. At least it's consistent though.
  5. Mentathiel

    Lockpicking Guide 1-300

    The chest still works, but you need to actively select the lockpicking ability (blue outline on the cursor) and then click the chest. This is true of a few other chests too. No more right-clicking...
  6. Mentathiel

    Green Dragonscale Gauntlets

    Have you been looking at the dragonscale leatherworking trainer or just the normal trainers? http://db.vanillagaming.org/?spell=24655
  7. Mentathiel

    Moonglow Vest?

    Depends; my leatherworker has 75 skill, but is only level 9, so it depends on whether the quest requires level 8 (as many people suggest, but which might be a post-TBC change) or level 15 (as stated at the link you shared) on Elysium servers. Given that the item itself requires level 13, it would be odd to require two more levels before you can make it.
  8. Mentathiel

    Profession for my first char

    Alternatively, here's the advice I was given: take skinning and mining because spells are expensive. Skinning is not too profitable per unit, but you can skin so many creatures and everyone leaves animal corpses lying around, so you get a fair amount of leather to sell. Mining nodes seem rare, but you can sell your metals for a fair amount in the AH (at least on Darrowshire) and use that money to buy smithed goods. If you do that, you'll have spare money for spells and can buy from the AH or take advantage of the many players offering gear free with your materials.
  9. Mentathiel

    Here's a great suggestion

    I think you miss my point; that's transferring an item (in-game) from one character to another. If you had database access, you would create gold and equipment on your account directly without taking it from anywhere else. Deleting things from a database is just a dick move and more likely revenge than trolling.
  10. Mentathiel


    I think later versions let you import / export databases and share with friends, but I can't find the easy way of doing that here.
  11. Mentathiel

    Here's a great suggestion

    Okay... but why would a hacker remove anything from an account? Hacking an account lets you transfer items, making you a profit. Hacking the database, there's no profit in removing items, you just make yourself easier to track.
  12. Yes, I probably would, if only for the BE Paladins. Not really one for PvP, so PvE would suit me perfectly.
  13. First of all, I mention gatherer because it's great at what it does, but it doesn't track Waterlogged Footlockers or similar locked containers. I am half-tempted to tinker with Gatherer and see if I can add Lockpicking to it's list of gathering skills, but I wondered if a) something like this already existed, or b) someone who knows Gatherer's code could point me in the right direction.
  14. Mentathiel

    Cant skin

    You might want to post it in the Help & Support forum then. That sounds like a bug rather than anything you are doing wrong.
  15. Just a reminder for you anti-SJW trolls