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  1. Hello. I want to speak my mind on how I feel about the seperate timelines, and how it complicates a TBC lauch. I see a lot of players saying the best option is to wait for all servers to get on the same timeline, and merge all of the population into one TBC server. I got an issue with this, and I believe I speak for the minority as most players commenting is playing on the Elysium server. When the Elysium server was announced, a lot of players from Anathema changed server for a fresh start. I believe the majority did this to prolong the Vanilla experience until they ran out of content. That's fine and all, but when TBC is announced they get upset they are on the wrong server, which is ahead of their timeline. I know a lot of players were brand new, but a lot of players started over from Anathema, a good few thousand of them. I don't think its fair to ask Anathema players to wait for another 1.5(?) years for Elysium to catch up with Anathema. If that is the case, then players will quit. Assuming the server is ready to launch, there is really only one possible option in my mind. TBC should launch when Anathema is done with thier timeline. To keep it somewhat fair for Elysium players, an optional transfer should be made. The argument that they don't have Naxx gear to compete is not really an argument in my opinion. How many had Naxx gear when Blizz launched TBC? Not a whole lot. Bottom line is, Elysium players started playing there knowing they were behind on the timeline. It is not fair of them to ask Anathema to wait for more than a year, when we got nothing to do. I hope the staff comes with some more information on what they are thinking. Nothing has to be set in stone, but some communication is needed. A lot of players would start leveling a character on Anathema if you don't plan on transfering from Elysium, and launch TBC ahead of Elysium's timeline, as an example. A lot of servers choose to provide a temporary lvl 58 boost as well. I don't mind this if it means we get TBC faster, even if it's not completely Blizzlike. I would like to hear what people think about this.
  2. If that can be done then I am all for it. I might be wrong here, but I think names would become an issue? or is names shared among all servers to not make duplicate names. If there are two of the same name across both servers, who decides who gets to keep their character name? Again I could be wrong, and if I am, then ofcourse just copying over Elysium accounts would be the best thing in my opinion. One thing is for sure, Anathema can't wait until Elysium is done with Naxx. I fear we will lose a good protion of the community in that time, and it is a shame. While Anathema players are the minority of the overall community these days, they are a dedicated bunch of players. It would be a shame to lose them.
  3. I am wondering what "Characters will be copied like the PTR realm" means. Does it means characters only get copied, or does it mean we get to keep all items, gold and stored items in bank? Also I see a lot of arguing how Anathema must wait to play TBC until Elysium is caught up with the timeline to merge the two servers onto one TBC realm. While that sound nice, we don't live in a perfect world. Anathema players would leave long before Elysium is done with Naxx. And the argument that T3 geared players will get an unfair advantage is pretty weak. They won't level up that much faster, and leats be real with ourselves, the gear you get while questing is more than good enough. If I had the choice to level up a green geared character vs a few T3 geared players and get the server 6 months earlier, then ofcourse I would say yes. I believe some compromise must be made, where for a limited time, players can create a new lvl 58 or 60 on the TBC realm. This way Elysium players get to make a character when they didn't get to transfer from Anathema. Also Horde players get their Paladins going faster to level with friends, and Alliance get to do the same with Shamans. While not completely "Blizzlike" I wouldn't mid this if it means we get a TBC servers sooner.
  4. Nyemu

    Strange lag/freeze

    Thanks. Turning off Vsync actually worked :)
  5. Nyemu

    Strange lag/freeze

    Hello. I got an issue with my Paladin, where my screen periodically freeze for about 1 second every 10 or so seconds. This only happends with my Paladin, no other character got this issue. Anyone knows why this is happening? Would love to get this solved.
  6. I can't report this on the bug tracker, as it's not been working for the past few days, so I will post it here and perhaps it will help anyone with the same problem when choosing your Engineering Specialization. The problem is not being able to choose Goblin or Gnome engineering. I will explain why it's happening and a temporary fix to the problem. When you obtain your quest from Tinkerwiz in Ratchet, you get to choose between a few of them. This is where you must be careful. Because this is a Neutral NPC, he will actually offer you the quest for both factions (Wich is a bug I want to report). Should you take the horde quest as an alliance player, you can complete the quest, but you will not recieve a follow-up quest. Nor will you be able to obtain the quest again by any means at any trainer in the game. Basically you will not be able to specialize in the profession. I have had a ticket up for several days, it's even been answered and escalated, but still no official response to solve the problem. After much waiting I decided to try and abandon the profession and skill it up all over again. This time I made sure to get the quest for my faction, and it worked. Though it works to skill up all over again, it is less than ideal. But if you encountered the same issue, here is at least a temporary solution to you problem.
  7. Nyemu

    Bugtracker Down

    I have a report to make on the bug tracker, but for over two days now, all I get is error messages when trying to save. This must be fixed ASAP. I'm sure a lot of issues aren't reported because of this. I believe my report is of particular note, as it pretty much renders a whole profession useless.
  8. Nyemu

    Engineering Specialization.

    It's been a while now since I made the post. I have tried disabelig addons, and a few suggested deleting my WDB folder. I re-visited all trainers multiple times to see if anything changed, but nothing has worked this far. I got a 2 day's old ticket, and it still says "We are currently experiencing a high volume of petitions." This really blows. Without the possibility to choose a specialization, the profession is kinda worthless.
  9. Nyemu

    Engineering Specialization.

    I recently got my engineering skill up to 300 and wanted to get my gnomish engineering going. I believe as Alliance, all I have to do is get a quest in Stormwind to "show my work" to tinkmaster overspark in Ironforge. When this quest was not available to me, I searched on Google, and there I found an alternate way of doing it. This sent me to Ratchet, where I got a quest to deliver a book to a fellow in Booty Bay. I did this, but again I got no follow-up quest to go to tinkmaster in IF. I'm wondering if anyone else got this problem, and if so, did you find any solution to the problem? Thanks for any help!