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  1. BreakingRad

    What spec should i make my hunter?

    Hmm maybe i'll stay as MM gonna do some more research thanks guys
  2. BreakingRad

    What spec should i make my hunter?

    So as soon as i hit 60 i should just respec into mm and ignore bm? Im planning on respecing to bm tonight thanks guys
  3. BreakingRad

    What spec should i make my hunter?

    This is my first time playing a hunter, im a lvl 32 orc hunter and currently specced in Marksman and its fun but i feel like my pet is weak and doesnt do much i considered going into bm but i want other peoples opinions. What spec would be better for pvp and dps?
  4. BreakingRad

    Huntsr class question

    Oh i see so after lvl 10 there isnt a hunter quest until lvl 50 thats a long way to go lol thanks guys
  5. BreakingRad

    Huntsr class question

    Hello this is my first time playing as a hunter and i decided to spec into marksman for dps/pvp but my one question is, do hunters have class quests? Last one i did was at lvl 10 to get my pet but im lvl 20 now and cant seem to find a hunter quest. Also if someone could list the lvl needed for hunter quests that would help.
  6. BreakingRad

    Pyrewood Ambush quest bugged

    after you kill all the npcs that come to kill the quest giver the npc sits there and you cant turn it in. if she dies and respawns there will be a grey question mark and when you choose your reward and complete quest it pops up over and over again saying choose your reward so you cant actually hand the quest in. please fix it
  7. BreakingRad

    What weapons should i use?

    I am specing in Combat and wondering what weapons i should use, i prefer 1h swords over daggers but it seems i need to have a dagger equipped in my main hand to use backstab. anyways what do you guys think i should use
  8. BreakingRad

    Questie help

    alright so i when to my quest tab and tracked the quest and it showed the stuff on the map. but how do i set it to track the quest automatically rather than doing it manually for each quest?
  9. BreakingRad

    Questie help

    i downloaded different versions of it like 3 times and each had problems.
  10. BreakingRad

    Questie help

    just downloaded questie and im curious, it only shows me where to pickup/drop off a quest but i was told it shows where the actual location of where the quest needs you to go to kill a monster or whatever. if someone could link me where they downloaded there questie i would appreciate it.