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  1. petroix

    Classic Mouseover (Addon)

    I was looking for a mouseover addon but dude, this thing doesn't work with blizzard auto self cast.. and i guess whoever plays wow without auto self cast must be a noob. So unfortunately this addon is trash cus it forces you to disable auto self cast which is a must have thing.
  2. petroix

    Paladin in pvp, no cc = weak?

    If you don't want to say anything constructive then don't say anything please. Really there is no philosophy playing as paladin, there are few buttons and one stun. The rest is autoattack and pray for rng so not much to be learn. If you lack cc's when someone kite you it's not a matter of skill. And i'm not taking engi/potions etc. into account, i was comparing only each class and their abilities/talents. I'm convinced you wouldn't do much against mage or hunter aswell as a paladin. Also i'm talking about leveling but at 60 it shouldn't look much better tho. Imagine when you play as pala (no additional items to help) and a mage or hunter attacks you from distance and start to kite/shot you. What would you do? Run after him and what? Being slowed and stunned all the time with your HP constantly dropping down. How would you catch them with a funny HoJ stun only? Ofc you can use BoF but they can blink or trap you, and kite again. And you can't survive that forever. So please, explain me this single thing, what would you do? I'm super curious.
  3. petroix

    Paladin in pvp, no cc = weak?

    HoJ is almost nothing compared to all cc's that a mage has and you have to be very close to be able to use it. Repentance is very late in the tree so only Ret Pala can have it. What gives me healing or bubble or LoH once per 60min against mage or hunter for example? I can't heal myself forever it doesn't change the fact that i can't get close enough to frost mage or hunter to actually do enything to them. I'd trade all my bubbles and heals for something to catch and do damage seriously. What speed trinket exactly are you talking about? Still i feel powerless against frost mage or hunter kiting me with cheetah. This is so op. And as if that was not enough, they can even attack me through terrain and hills, i can't hide behind the tree etc. I have no idea how a paladin can catch them, it's almost impossible and they still can blink or freez you or whatever, and run away and start kiting you again. Even if you are engineer, they can be aswell. Few days ago i saw 53lvl hunter playing with 60 geared warrior like with an idiot. That warrior was running on 100% mount and charging at him but the hunter just trap him or stun with his pet and kite him forever. Yesterday me (paladin) with my friend (warrior) were kited by 1lvl higher hunter for 15minutes and we couldn't do shit cus he was just running with cheetah all the time and slowing/traping/stunning us.
  4. petroix

    Paladin in pvp, no cc = weak?

    It's really important matter for me so i count on your help and some advices. A paladin seems super weak because it has almost zero CC's. Can't slow, can't use ranged weapons. Has nothing to catch an enemy. You can only run and autoattack. Everyone can escape from you or kite you and laugh on you. You can't even stop someone on mount like in tbc with judgement of seal of justice. Going this way i'd rate paladin and warrior as the worst pvp classes. Warrior has at least charge and slow but still a hunter or mage can kite him and play with him like with a kid. Why it is like that? A mage has milion CC's slow, poli, blink, iceblock same with warlock fear spam/pet or rogue with milion stuns, stealth, blind, sprint. What i mean is that a paladin or warrior will never kill a mage, hunter, lock or rogue because they can simple kite you or escape from you cus you can't catch them anyway. And even if you catch them, they can blink, vanish or whatever again. It's not fair, paladin has almost nothing useful in pvp. Maybe it's not bad in group pvp like battleground but 1vs1 or world pvp encounters? You have no chance or at least no fair, balanced chance. I'm really considering rerolling to mage/rogue/hunter/lock/shaman or even druid who can simple change form 100 times and run away because you can't stop him. Am i wrong? Because it looks like that, a paladin looks like the worst pvp class. I really like the class itself but i'm super triggered when people do whatever they want with me because i have no response for that.
  5. petroix

    Question about stats

    Thanks :) So there is no way to boost healing or consecration at around level 30-40 or even before 60?
  6. petroix

    Question about stats

    Does +int affect healing spells? Or damage spells? What int gives me except more mana and spell crit %? Can i get spell power or spell damage while leveling? Does it give me sth else except more damage from spells? Also spirit = only mana/hp per 5sec or it does sth more? I also wonder what are the best stats for leveling paladin then. Is it worth boosting consecration/seal damage or sanctuary/holy shield? Or go full white damage? And for holy is it worth going for spell crit before level 60?
  7. petroix

    Aux question/problem

    Why are people using AUX addon and say it is SUPER useful? What exactly you gain from using it? What i see is only chaotic interface and super unaccurate values. Like it says my sword value is 8g while everyone post in on AH for 10-80s max. And the worst thing i can't post items by stack price, only unit price. I don't want to calculate do math everytime if i want to post sth for like 39s 99c but i can't because i can only set unit price no stack.. and whgen i post it, it display wrong numbers. I posted two stacks of cloths one was 3.99s other was 4.04s but AUX display both for 3.99s.
  8. petroix

    Redoubt/Reckoning not working?

    I have Redoubt 5/5 and Reckoning 5/5 but i never see my Redoubt or Reckoning to proc, what am i doing wrong? Grey mobs don't crit ot wtf?
  9. petroix


  10. petroix

    Leveling Paladin can u guys help?

    To be honest we focus mostly on world pvp, we want to be as strong as possible because server is overpopulated and you will be forced to kill or die more often then you expect it. Seal of Command for 1h+shield? Early prot talents boosts my shield which is good, also blessing of freedom, BoK, HoJ, resist silence/interrupt are looking promising for world pvp. But maybe only on paper. So i'd go with that http://db.vanillagaming.org/?talent#sixurZVGkcchE first 11 points into Holy, then Prot till Reckoning, again Holy etc. But i still can't decide between Divine Strength or Intellect. Divine Str should also reduce damage taken with shield equipped right?
  11. My problem is when an item is 1g, 20g, 25g, and 30g it shows this item value as 1g and 100% historical value. Why does it take the lowest price someone posted on AH instead of a median? This way i'm super confused because i think item X is super cheap and not worth selling on AH because aux shows his vallue as 1g but if i look deeper in AH i see only one idiot posting it for 1g, but the normal price is 20-30g and it should show value as 25g and 100%. But instead it shows 1g as value and 100% and 20g+ are like 300%.
  12. Hello, Guys I desperately need some addons for showing mobs/players HP and something for a nice, clean UI. Generally if you could recomment some great, nice and i general essential addons that are working and you are using i'd be super grateful. My friend has IceHud and it shows target HP but i don't like it.
  13. petroix

    Leveling Paladin can u guys help?

    Previously i thought about going deeper into Holy. But i did some research and people are saying Holy talents are weak early on because slightly better heal won't win the fight for you or speed up your progression, and you have not much spell crit % before level 60 anyway to benefit from it. Also i read imp. BoW gives almost nothing. That's why i changed my mind to go only 10 points into Holy first. Divine Intellect you're right if i go with that support/tanky idea, so i won't be using Retri Aura or Devotion i can easily go for Conc. Aura as my main aura. So with Conc. Aura 3/3 i need SF 3/5 for 100% no pushback? On the other hand i can be forced to use Frost/Fire/Shadow aura so SF 5/5 can come handy in some situations.
  14. petroix

    Leveling Paladin can u guys help?

    Nah, i don't want to tank, even for questing i guess we can just focus to kill single mobs faster. Server is too much populated so pulling 5-10 mobs on us can end up being ganked etc. I got a question about pushback with Spiritual Focus + Concentration Auta. I need the both maxed for 100% no pushback? or 4/5 or something is already 100%? Ultimately i came up with this http://db.vanillagaming.org/?talent#sxxhMZVGkcchx (first go 10 points into Holy for Spiritual Focus then Prot till Reckoning and again Holy. Last 10 points i'd put into 1H spec in prot, then Consecration, Imp Lay on Hands, 2/5 Divine Intellect. Why i don't want to go Ret tree is because good 2H talents are super deep which means i'll be very late there or in holy/prot tree.
  15. petroix

    Leveling Paladin can u guys help?

    Yeah i know this guide, it's nice for solo lvling but i want to try something different. Guys what you think about this http://db.vanillagaming.org/?talent#sVxuogoZVGLcc0e and go for +int/stam gear. The main idea is to survive everything both leveling and world pvp, i'd like to be super tanky 1h+shield and super annoying for people that will try to put me down :D Also i can heal my friend warrior all the time. Is it viable? A shame is that i'll get Reckoning very late ;/ If not, i think about going full dmg/pvp like my friend warrior so we can both do some good dmg. And the spec would be http://db.vanillagaming.org/?talent#sxxzZVuZtf0trcqo Third option is Reckoning/holy (simillar to the first spec link above) but i'm afraid i'll play it wrong and kill myself with /sit instead of my opponent :DD