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  1. Hey fellow legacy server enthusiasts, I was wondering, from a person who has bought Vanilla WoW back in the day, paid a subscription, and played it, wouldn’t it be possible to sue Blizzard for changing the game without an option for me to play the original game? For instance, you don’t buy Mario 64 for it to be changed to Mario Galaxy without you being able to play Mario 64 again, or play a heavily changed Mario 64 that you don’t like. You don’t buy FIFA 10 for it to be changed into FIFA 18 without you being able to still play FIFA 10. The same goes for Vanilla WoW, you don’t buy original game Vanilla WoW for it to be changed into WoD or Legion, an expansion that you don’t like, but you don’t have the option to play the original Vanilla WoW legally? Anyway, it would be very nice to get some clarification on this, or for someone to dig deeper into the TOS to prove me wrong. And also, if this is the case that you can actually sue someone, we could start a crowdfunding campaign to hire a lawyer (lawyers are expensive) and to sue Blizzard into making Legacy Servers. I know I worded it poorly, but I hope you can see what I’m trying to get at. Thanks. -Olasbondolas
  2. olasbondolas

    Zeth'Kur PVP to Elysium PVP Transfer

    Any explanation or just a fat no?
  3. Hello, I recently leveled a mage on Zeth'Kur PVP, but now I regret leveling on here, since Elysium PVP has more players online. Is there any way you can transfer my mage to Elysium PVP, for perhaps a small fee. Thanks!